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Frontier Airlines will require employees to get vaccinated or regularly take Covid tests

The measure follows United Airlines' announcement earlier Friday to require its U.S. staff to be vaccinated no later than Oct. 25. Frontier said workers will have until Oct. 1 to show proof that they received a Covid-19 vaccine, or regularly test negative. The airline said its decision was due to the rapid rise in delta-variant Covid cases. Frontier Airlines on Friday said it will require employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or regularly provide proof of negative tests. The… ( 기타...

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No government, no company, no individual has the right to make medical decisions for others. #jointherevolution
REAL CASE: 1991.....lineup and get your shot...before you do sign this TOP SECRET piece of paper.

We stood in line to take a shot, signed the Top Secret form....retire after 28 in 1998....visit VA in 2006 "we don't know what causes these things on your body." Could it have been the top-secret shot we received during the Gulf War?

We can't find anything in your records showing you got a shot...well no, hell no, it was top secret. "Sorry but if it's not in your records you didn't get it."

United and other companies are opening up a pandora's box.


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