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Flight attendant union sends blistering response to Spirit's request for airport volunteers amid cancellation chaos

Spirit asked flight attendants to volunteer at the Fort Lauderdale airport amid mass cancellations. The Spirit COO later apologized to workers, saying the request was "insulting" and "poorly timed." A union representative fired back at Spirit: "Why get abused for free when you can get paid for it?" Spirit requested some flight attendants to volunteer during their days off as the company struggled with thousands of flight cancellations over the past week. Deb Hanson… ( 기타...

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Allan Kidd 13
There is a huge difference between cheap and inexpensive.
chugheset 12
Spirit is an "unbundled" cost airline that brands itself as a "low-cost" airline. There is a big difference. I flew them twice but never again. In their defense, the planes were new and if everything goes perfectly, it's not too bad. But as we all know, nothing in the airline industry EVER goes perfectly and that is where things start to fall apart with these guys. My daughter had to fly them once and without her knowing it, I purchased a refundable ticket for her on another airline "just in case". While her colleagues got stranded in Puerto Rico for two days (on their own dime) after their Spirit flight cancelled, I had her walk over to the other airlines ticket counter to use the spare ticket I purchased. Their problems are not weather or ATC related, it's poor management.
Just fly SW.. they have their act together.
Bob Pope 5
I fly SWA every week. They have their share of problems. Two Sunday's ago they cancelled my flight with no explanation. I had been tracking the inbound flight from MDW and when it got to Houston it just vanished. Plane sat in HOU from 2PM Sunday till the next day. They couldn't get me on another DAL flight for 5 hours. Love Field is down to 1 runway so plan on setting on the tarmac at origin if you are flying into DAL
Never used them but heard all the horror stories. American’s version of Ryan Air. I hope that they are the bottom dregs of the travel industry and that the buying public start understanding how they are effectively being insulted by the company, not the cabin staff, every time they get on one of their planes and stop using them.

The realist in me knows that there’s a mug born every second that will fall for the “cheapest” option. Just look at how “successful” Ryan is in Europe.
wow..the cancellations were caused by not only weather issues,but a lack oe employees to work on the ground AND in the air..i dont blame the f/a union at all..this will take a lot of apologies,free trips and improved service to "undo",even though poeple are coming to understand covid restrictions and people leaving jobs!
I decided not to fly to Atlantic City at all, because only Spirit had flights.
flying on spirit takes the joy out of travel- their overcrowded cabins, small seats, non-existant "service", everything having an extra price.... and then, the schedule crunches, leaving thousands in the lurch, taking away vacation time or business time due to classic incompetentence. Yellow is the perfect color for this operation: a yellow stain on airline travel configured to be cheap in every sense of the word. Expect very little- receive even less......
Remember…you get what you pay for!
There is a reason why Spirit livery is taxi cab yellow.
Spirit offers taxi cab service
John D 11
Spirit and Allegient, two airlines to avoid.
I have flown Spirit at least 20-times over the past 3-years. They are a great airline, almost always on time with very few cancellations. The staff & pilots are great and courteous. To be able to fly non-stop for the fares they charge was unheard of before they entered the scene. I recommend them to anyone who wants a quick non-stop low cost flight often 25%-50% the cost of other airlines.
Aww the BUS people are upset. You got what you paid for. cheap cheap cheap at least it kept them off the other airlines AA,UA,DL,WN
Two unforced errors. Ouch... Can Spirit save themselves after all the smoke clears?
hwh888 3
When you want a cheap seat sometime you have to pay the price. Cheap isn’t always the deal you think your getting.
darjr26 2
Just think, at least through the end of September, we taxpayers are paying their salaries.
There is no insult to low for that "Airline".
I flew Spirit in the eighties when it was a fairly new airline. The experience was pleasant, the crew was friendly and the aircraft seemed threadworn on the inside. It was the only time I flew Spirit Air, but I’m not certain if today’s Spirit is the same company.
Spirit...Look gang, when one decides to pay "bus fare" to fly, one can only expect "bus" level service. Carry on.
aurodoc 1
A quote from Gordon Bethune " You can make a pizza so cheap that nobody wants to eat it. You can make an airline so cheap that nobody wants to fly on it."
Spirit should be amerika's national airline-We're going down the toilet and we don't care.
Everything is awesome
Everything is cool when you're part of a team
Everything is awesome
When you're living out a dream
I'm a consumer and I AM listening.
Nultech 1
It must suck to work for a pretend, fly-by-night (or not at all) airline.
Flying Spirit Airlines is equivalent to traveling on a bust thats triple capacity through a 3rd world country. Unfortunately its an only option for some locations.
Bob Pope 6
There is always a choice
You do whatever you have to do to keep the company alive or you lose your job when the company dies.
Simple as that.
You speak of losing one's job as if it were like losing one's lungs.
Are they based in Africa somewhere :) One would not expect that from an American based operator.


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