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737 lightening storm landing, cockpit view

Cockpit view Boeing 737 landing Philadelphia, PHL in a lightening storm during a part 91 flight ( 기타...

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One year, too many ago to remember, was completely amazing.

We were coming in from the west in late afternoon/early evening, and had noticeably flown farther south, across the south edge of a large storm stretching from west to east, into Michigan and Canada, that started in the Dakotas.

As we turned north on base, we saw the enormity of the storm system, and the lively flashes of lightening. *ZAP* *ZAP* *ZAP*, HUGE bolts of lightening could be seen dancing across the front wall of that system. There was no turbulence, and we had a clear view of the towering wall of storm as we drifted in and landed. It was such an awesome sight. After landing, the power of that storm became evident. Many flights were delayed, and many were also outright cancelled. Our connecting flight was originally running as scheduled, but was then delayed, waiting for the plane from the east coast as it waited to take off.

It arrived a few hours late, and we piled on, expecting a rough ride, but the night worked its magic, and the flight was remarkably smooth as we winged to the east coast. We were treated to some incredible views framed by the thick clouds, as they became more ragged with gaping holes in that thick shroud.

Flying during bad weather is common, but seeing it, untouched like that was an uncommon thrill.
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I've been lucky enough to be a passenger in planes that have "threaded the needle" between storms. It's incredible to watch the cloud-to-cloud lighting going off just a few miles from the plane. It doesn't get much better than that being eye-to-eye.
Is that like a “lightning” storm?


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