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Airbus created a new plane concept with wings modeled off how eagles soar designed to increase efficiency

Airbus revealed its new wing demonstrator, a carbon-reducing innovation modeled off how an eagle soars. The technology will be represented on a Cessna Citation VII business jet platform. The wing is the latest of Airbus' carbon-reducing efforts, which recently announced its CityAirbus NextGen. Airbus is making strides in its decarbonization effort with the launch of its new wing demonstrator, a technology modeled off how an eagle soars through the air. On Wednesday, Airbus announced a… ( 기타...

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I just want to see how they make the wings flap...
I think this has been tried before. I just hope they don't fly too close to the Sun. Might be best for night flights? <>
I wonder if they will fold in on a steep dive
Can I book a flight on it?
Nifty idea.
BTW: There are eagles in Europe.
They need to get a license to use our national symbol!
c k 0
You would need to get a CC license from the eagle to be able to use that design. :)


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