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JetBlue just began flying between New York and London with the smallest plane of any airline on the route

JetBlue just began flying between New York and London. Here's why I'm eager to book it again... ( 기타...

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This was as recent as a week ago:

Thousands of passengers are stuck in huge queues at Heathrow airport after a systems failure at the e-gates operated by Border Force. Disgruntled travellers said it took three-and-a-half hours to get through passport control while others complained of a lack of a social distancing and mask wearing. The delays were so bad many holiday-makers were forced to wait on the tarmac for hours, unable to disembark from planes. Gatwick, Edinburgh and Manchester airports have also been affected by the issue.
The article was about JFK to LGW not LHR. My sister lives 8 miles from LGW and the treck from LHR is painful. LGW is a better option
Tell us about the three-hour wait to get through Customs once you landed. Tell us about the fuel and food shortages on the ground, as Britain starts to experience the slow death it chose with Brexit.
Is this comment LGW specific?. The rest is political commentary and not relevant to the article (If I still lived in the UK I would have voted Remain). A family member with a 10 year old spoke of some delays at Immigration but said the line for non UK passports was very short.

Nowhere does the article mention which London airport is served. There's another squawk that mentions flying JetBlue to Gatwick, but those of us who are avoiding any travel to the UK don't follow which airlines fly to both, or neither. LGW may be a better option for your sister, but for those who want the convenience of the Piccadilly Line into London, rather than a 20-pound train ticket that will take you to just one station, LHR is the better choice.
dont need to sign up to read the news and get all kind of Cr>> form them
British Airways has been flying an Airbus A319 between JFK and London City airport for a decade or so. Fact checking is always a good idea.
Dubslow 1
*A318, and not since last year, they've been scrapped already. JetBlue is the current smallest plane on the route
Okay. Well, the headline makes it sound like this is some new thing. JetBlue's flying an A321 which should be fine doing the route. Something which I would consider actually small like a 318 is where I would find it surprising.
BA's 318 was more than adequate to the task as it was all business class spacing, not suprising at all.
"Congratulations" on your random Internet ones-ups-manship. Such an accomplishment. :-)


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