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NTSB recovers black boxes, wreckage of crashed TransAir Boeing 737 plane

Accident investigators have recovered the flight recorders and all major parts of a TransAir Boeing 737 cargo jet that ditched into the Pacific Ocean near Honolulu. ( 기타...

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My idea is, that the crash occurred because of the pilots using the EPR reading as a reference for the power setting they used. If the PT2 tubes are blocked by whatever these gauges are useless, because they don't give you the correct power setting. By using the EPR readings the N1 readings should also be monitored, because on the type of engines used on this aircraft the EPR readings are calculated based on the N1 readings.
maybe they were on their "cell phones"---and not paying attention?
chalet -3
Why spend so much money in retrieving fuselage and maybe wings too when it was widely known that this aircraft suffered from two engines conking out so these items and the 2 recorders was all the NTSB needed for the investigation
Because it's cool. /winks
How about finding out why the engines failed and what to do to prevent another occurrence? How about mitigating pollution? How about the cargo may be extremely valuable so worth retrieving?
David, it is possible that the engines did not fail. By what I have read about this crash, engine power was still availlable.
Hate the word Black Box ? mmmmmm while we all know that the Flight Recorders are in fact a bright ORANGE in color !!!!

Split hairs much?

The black box is the term used because of it is the connotation of holding the darkest of the news from the flight; like a Black Day in history.
Early versions were, in fact, black in colour.
Or Black Friday for shopping?


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