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Engine Found: Trump’s Boeing 757 Returns To The Skies After 2 Years

Former President Donald Trump’s personal Boeing 757 has taken to the skies again after five years on the ground. The aircraft took off from storage in Upstate New York on Monday, flying to Nashville for a brief stop before continuing to Chennault International near Lake Charles in Louisiana. It is believed to be undergoing maintenance work there before returning to service. ( 기타...

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James Cox 12
757 is such a cool airplane, that thing is overpowered with a load full of passengers, setup as a corporate jet that thing really must be a rocket!
it's just that the range sucked. Crossing the pond from Europe had to stop in Canada for fuel. There goes my connections.
Ed Kostiuk 20
Instead of discussing the work that will be needed to obtain Airworthiness for ANY a/c sitting this long I just knew someone would turn it political. I'm assuming this flight(s) required a Special Flight Permit (commonly referred to as Ferry flight.)

Any chance we can just talk Aviation vs. someone's opinion.
Any slight mention of “Trump”, and they come out of the woodwork, mouths flapping!
Pretty quick to flap yours defending him.
Pretty easy to quickly make a statement when it’s truth and not fiction!
John D 2
linbb -1
Well look in the mirror if it offended you then.
drdek -1
TFG wears diapers, a girdle and shoe lifts. He also is addicted to Adderall and benzodiazepines. He’s in deep with the Russian mafia. He tried to overthrow Congress because he lost the election. Yet people still like him? I just don’t get it.
The blind hatred of the racist left will never go away. Which is a good thing because that's going to cost them a LOT in elections as we have just seen. haters gonna hate.
Politics aside (if that's even possible this day and age) it's just VERY COOL to see another 757 remain in service.
I find it hard to believe that they had problems finding a RB 211 considering the number of AA 757's sitting in Roswell.
who says they had problems? HE didn't need the plane for 4 years. They had all the time in the world.
Not really news so to speak.

It wasn't news when I got a new engine for my plane.
The cost of maintaining a large AC like the 757 must be significant. Anybody have a guess the cost of maintain and fly one of these birds?
the interior of that aircraft was fitted not as just a "executive" aircraft, but almost like a sultans palace! it was all done in gold and gold leaf,speial carpeting and upholstery..extremely trumo did not "outright: own the airplane,nor the trump logo helicopter..they were part of a business deal..the helicopter is long gone and the 757 will be next..
Don Derham 2
The "word" Trump. How about the Name Trump?
Gene Aker 2
Politics aside, given Trump the real estate developer's decades-long record of stiffing contractors, I assume that the folks performing the maintenance were paid in advance.
“It SEEMS the engine was found”, and “ATC SUGGESTED the aircraft declared an emergency”?
Boy, those statements sound like definite maybe’s, if I ever heard one!

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dnorthern 27
You know, since the eviction moratorium is no longer a thing, you can evict Trump from living in your head. Rent free
Nothing new!
Doing now, what he did pre-election.
What’s your point?
sparkie624 4
Where did that comment come from...

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Ken Jackson -8
“ With luck, we could see the 757 back in action relatively soon”. Good luck, or bad? I guess it depends on what side of the January 6 insurrection one is on.
Mike Mohle 2
That you connected that date Jan 6 and "Insurrection" pretty much gives you away.
ah yes, the insurrection with insurrectors (if that's even a word). How come nobody got charged with anything like thaT?
dval18 -2
It is what it is...
jbermo 0
I wonder if the airplane is normally hangered. Not being hangred may hint that the airplane does not have the adequate $$ resources to fully maintain it.
Word is that Trump, himself, with his own hands rebuilt that engine just after he spent time in the lab. developing the vaccine for covid 19.


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