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Arizona Cardinals purchase Boeing 777 for team travel

“It is a major undertaking every time we travel for a game,” said Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill. “This aircraft will not only provide major convenience but also maximum comfort for our players when getting them to and from road games. Every NFL team is looking for advantages wherever possible and we think this will certainly provide one.” ( 기타...

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mbrews 6
Plenty of triple sevens in good shape can be found in todays market. If anyone knows the tail number, please post. Tks
mbrews 1
Tks Eric. Originally delivered to Delta in March 2002, type 777-232ER Line # 387 with Rolls Royce engines.

New career for the Wide-body jet, now hauling Big-body NFL Cardinal players !
It appears to be an ex Delta unit.
I will be out at Swift/PHX later this week and if I can get close enough to get the tail# I will let you know.
Looks like it is stored at MZJ and not PHX
Back in the '60s the LA Dodgers had their own plane, a Lockheed Electra if I recall correctly. They were really ahead of the curve. After Walter O'Malley sold the team new ownership ditched the plane and reverted to charter.
before the Electra, they had a convair 440, in 1964. I was given a tour but the crew at STL during a game.
In the late '70s and '80s, the plane was a 727, able to fly coast-to-coast non-stop.
L188 then a 720....
I stand (or sit) corrected, serves me right for believe a team employee from that era who was not an aviation buff. Thanks
It’s not based at PHX but Pinal Air Park. Cheaper down there vs sky harbor.
Ticket prices could be going up! ;-{)
I would like clarification on what "oversized" is. Is that seat width or of amount of leg room? It's pretty easy to reduce the number of seats on an aircraft to increase leg room. But even current 1st class airline seats are only so wide. A football lineman would still be hard pressed to be comfortable in one of those seats or a "pod". Now a basketball player would be more than happy with increased leg room.
The aircraft in question. According to World Airline News, the registration of the Boeing 777-200ER acquired by the Cardinals is N867DA
darjr26 2
Think they will charter it out to other sports teams?
srobak 2
cause chartering an aircraft is so difficult.
How does this possibly make business sense?
In the end, it is the fan that pays. Extra 50 cents a beer, 2 bucks a seat, 5 bucks a jersey, etc.
xaf2fe 1
Oh I dunno, why don't you ask the Patriots? They own a couple of 767s. Or you could ask the Texas Rangers. They fly around in their own 767 too. The Cards aren't the first, just the latest.
Too bad for a
Atlas, as they loose yet another Charter Customer, won't be surprised to see their 747's fly off into the Sunset, hopefully they will get more Charter Customer's, to keep those 2 Giant around.

The Patriots learned an expensive lesson owning 2 767's that barely ever fly.

1 they have Subleased away, to Omni.

Long live Atlas, passenger service.
Since most of the team is "oversized" hopefully the seats will accommodate them (First Class ++), well, except for Kyler Murray, they have a child seat for him that belts in place. LOL GO CARDS!!!!
Godspeed in Red birds travels on this nice jet.
and you wonder why a nose bleed seat is $75
I remember when professional sports teams travelled by bus. Those were the good old days!
Or by train. Until the late 1950’s, there were no MLB teams West of St. Louis. 1926, it took THE University of Alabama football team a week to travel to Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl.
What is the team pecking order for who sits in F/C and B/C over the regular seats.
I did notice that 166 of the coach seats are oversized, presumably for the comfort of the teams players.
I would imagine the coaching staff & support staff get choice seating as well as any spouses who can come along.
Wouldn't one assume starters get the pods, backups get regular first class, and equipment people, trainers, coaches ride in coach? On the way home the players doing really bad get jump seats.
If the kicker misses a field goal they get the jumpseat.
Or the LAV, LOL. And, he misses a lot!
or a bus ride homw
I saw it sitting at DTW. At Signature FBO.
Looking pretty good. But the Lions “flew over”
the Cardinals!!!
jhakunti 0
The NFL and NBA should run their own airlines so that could be a thing.
Unless you are joking, clearly you do not understand the economics of running an airline. As many bums in barely acceptable seating as possible.
For most teams, it’s cheaper to charter aircraft (usually a Delta 757) for the season tailored to the needs of the teams. In the case of the MLB & NBA, they’ll be flying every 2-3 days; so it’s more cost effective that way. When those seasons are over, the planes get reconfigured into normal seating arrangement.

NASCAR teams w/team aircraft charter them to college basketball teams to produce revenue during the off season & so keep them airborne
Greg S 2
Call it Comfort Air.
Didn't help the playing of the game. They took their new ride to Detroit (1-11-1) to play one of the lowest rated (based on win/loss record) teams and got thumped 30-12 by the Lions.
DonDengler -1
What the heck does your remark have to do with wishing team safe travels.
Was that a requirement?


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