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United and Delta Cancel Over 200 Christmas Eve Flights

More operational disruptions are plaguing America’s airline industry. Two of America’s largest carriers, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, have already canceled over 200 flights on Christmas Eve as a result of a lack of available staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ( 기타...

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saso792 5
Per the Live Airline Flight Cancellations site around 1100 hours today, , for some of the USA airlines it shows United Airlines at 176, Delta at 151, JetBlue at 72, Allegiant Air at 28, Alaska Airlines at 11, American Airlines at 11, Spirit at 11 and Southwest at 1.
Is this Covid 19 issues or are we seeing other issues like labor management relationship. When are negotiations due to start on labor contracts???
linbb 1
What does it say?
mbrews 3
Note my post above. As always in life, there are no single answers.

Seasons Greetings. Season of hope and goodwill. Peace and joy to all
A lot of good the forced vaccinations mandates with the threat of loss of job did! The omicron variant is blowing through even the triple vaxxed. Thankfully omicron is nothing but a minor cold (I know I'm recovering from it). Of course even before omicron there were lots of "breakthrough cases" (vaccine FAILURES).

So what did the forced vaccine mandates accomplish? Without question it caused an unknown number of healthy young pilots and crew (especially male) to be injured with myocarditis - a ticking time bomb for the rest of their life - a time bomb that can go off when the pilots are behind the controls.

Still trying to figure out what happened to the WestJet pilot who suffered a "medical emergency" on a flight to Atlanta 3 weeks ago. A defibrillator was brought to the cockpit and a doctor on board worked on the pilot. The EMS dispatched to Calgary airport did not have contact with the pilot so what happened to him? WestJet is not saying citing family "privacy" and of course none of the media is digging for answers. It's already been memory holed.
ADXbear 4
Too bad for last min Flyers.. but the covid crap is far from over.. get well crews, merry Christmas.
This end game is really drawn out. Frustrating.
mbrews 2
From the article :

"United Airlines alone has canceled 125 flights for Friday, December 24, 2021. The airline has cited a rising number of COVID-19 cases as the reason, explaining crew availability has been strained by staff calling in sick,

and this has led to a disruption of their scheduled flights. Though these cancellations have only begun recently, signs of United’s staffing shortages could be seen days earlier, when the airline announced they would be cutting 14 regional routes from their Washington-Dulles hub in the spring due to a pilot shortage.
I wonder how they determine which flights to cancel.
Money. And available crew positioning. But mostly money. I’m sure Amadeus has some plug-in to d this automatically.
Having a pandemic of the vaccinated. Medical workers, Airline employees and sports teams.
in years past, if there was a crew shortage. flight crews on a "reserve status" would be called in to take over for the routes that didnt have other coverage..basically now the airlines do not have the luxury of "reserve crews" who didnt have the seniority to bid flights..all of the carriers are still shorthanded both on the ground and in the air due to a whole lot of folks who took covid as an excuse to retire or get an early "buyout" package montha back..the airlines have been in a serious hitring phase in order to attempt to get schedules back to semi normal,but they are still shorthanded and just were not able to cover things doming up like serious weather problems,airport closures or another covid surge in the employees they DO have..even the ceo of southwest airlines came down with covid right after testifying before congres last week!!!this has absolutley NOTHING to do with labor relations or unions...
More absurdity. For the irrational Covid fanatics no absurdities are too great. And each step of the preposterous journey thru their bizzare world nothing has been good enough, none of their proclamations, demands, assertions have worked each of which was supposed to stop it in its tracks, recall? But it doesnt matter, while yes its true governments could stop all infectious disease by suffocating us all to death, we must live our lives for them to be meaningful. Those who get it, get it and the vast majority are no worse than colds and flus experience by all prior generations , those who will die will die thats just the way it is and they will die regardless if not the virus then cancer or whateever , there is no changing it. Nothing has worked , there is no solution other than forge on, adapt, get exposed to small doses if possible, stop rebreathing it if you get a mild case, and live free. The covid cowards need to be kicked to the f.. curb.
That’s pretty much how I feel. I have a few preconditions, yet I’m not convinced getting a vaxx is the best way to go. The chinese flu is something like 99.6 % or so survivable. Too many stories out there of perfectly healthy people (young & old) who’ve been jabbed; die, come down w/a severe case of the chinese flu afterwards, or otherwise lingering or debilitating conditions.

I have experience w/the government giving ‘experimental’ vaxx’s prior to the Persian Guff War w/too many soldiers getting sick & disabled afterwards, my unit’s Second in Command died two years after returning.

If I get the chinese flu, fine. If I die from it, then so be it. We’re all going to die @ some point anyway.
Let's get this covid crap out of the way so I can see the girl I left behind when I was in the military. It's been more than 50 years and I think the crap should stop so I can rekindle my relationship with her. she is a UK transplant to Australia and is as anxious to see me again as I her. Great love story here folks.
Article had two photos of two Delta 777’s, LH A340 landing in LAX and two Costco chickens, and two pop ups to subscribe. Poorly done
Picky much? If you looked closer, the photos of the Lufthansa aircraft belonged to a separate article as well as the others


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