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A Tennessee woman who authorities say punched a Spirit Airlines flight attendant and dragged another by the ponytail faces federal charge

Federal prosecutors have charged a 43-year-old Tennessee woman with interfering with a flight crew. A criminal complaint alleged Amanda Henry disrupted a Spirit Airlines flight and punched and kicked flight attendants. The charge comes amid the Justice Department's crackdown on unruly or violent passengers aboard commercial aircraft. Federal prosecutors in Tennessee announced Tuesday that they charged a woman with interfering with a flight crew, accusing her of kicking and hitting flight… ( 기타...

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avionik99 31
Yup minimum sentencing is required in these cases. one year in prison Minimum more depending on how many people were disrupted. Lifetime ban and heavy fines that cannot ever be forgiven! It will only get worse if we do not treat this very severely!!
Roy Hunte 19
I think one year per disrupted person, so say 150 people on the aircraft, sentence to 150 years. That should do. Keep them out of the way.😁

My comment is mildly sarcastic and exaggerated.🤣
You realize the truck driver in Colorado who was sentenced to 110 years for causing an accident that killed 4 people and injured several had his sentence recently reduced to 10 years? He will probably be released after serving one or two of these years and yet you ascribe a draconian sentence of 150 years on an individual who may in fact be mentally unstable?
The sentence received by the truck driver was due to a law which leaves in the hands discretionary power to pronounce sentences for cases where multiple charges are applied, to be either served concurrently or consecutively.
The judge originally ruled consecutive sentences.
That has been reversed to be served concurrently.
Reason? The sentence was excessive and in my opinion opened the door to a constitutional challenge to Colorado sentencing law.
Now state wants the federal government sticking it's nose into it's business.
So, rather than die on that hill, the judge relented.
Again, speculating here
Hopefully mildly is the key term!
How about a mental evaluation to begin with followed if indicated by counseling and/or court ordered for a stay in a mental hospital. To imprison someone for basically 'flipping out' over the stress of air travel is cruel and unusual. Juries are going to find for the defense if they are charged criminally.
With half the country cuckoo for coacoa puffs over a variety of issues, such an idea would create the need for 50 million new psychiatrists
good grief..what have people become...its not just the masking issue nor covid..i think there is real pent up anxiety and discontnet people just cant deal with, so the flight crews seem to be an easy target..these peope who attack airline personnel deserve jail time and severe fines as well as being banned from flying on ANY carrier!
Some people think they need alcohol to endure or enjoy their flight.Do we need to give every passenger a breathalyzer before boarding? Can’t control alcohol consumption before boarding. Love the action taken by the firefighter! Been there, done that! Good job!👍
IMO alcohol is not the problem. The problem is that some people now believe it's acceptable and even admirable to act like asshats. A sober schmuck is still a schmuck.
Sorry, but alcohol is and always has been a factor in bad passenger behavior. Add to that the mask issue, and it’s a perfect storm!
Jim Myers 15
The charge she faces has a punishment of bring imprisoned for not more than 20 years. I think that would be a good start.
jeff slack 12
...............and only airline food served to them for the duration of the jail term.
Hey now, let's not be sadistic here. Totally uncalled for - no one deserves that food. ;)
It's far healthier than what they serve in jail
Good! Start charging these miscreants with a federal crime and the sentence should not be just a fine, but should also include some time spent in a federal prison and a ban on future air travel. I think if people knew they would face such penalties, they would behave in a far more civil manner while aboard an aircraft.
More should be charged, and better, convicted, and sent to jail/prison (preferably federal prison) and let them all stew about not being able to do what they want, when they want. This has really gotten out of hand.
These lowlifes should never be allowed on an aircraft.
They put themselves on the "No-Fly list" for the rest of their lives.
When she's in jail - she'll be flying alone
Huck Finn -6
Why is this person a lowlife? What makes a person a lowlife? Is it possible her education status or her occupation? Maybe a little more respect is in order. Respect towards your fellow sister or brother seems in order wouldn't you think?
Hi Huck--
You wanna know what makes her a lowlife?? How about attacking a flight attendant.
I can tell you aren't too bright are you?
And you think that a little respect is in order?
You are one of those people who couldn't say shit, Even when you have a mouthful of it.
The moment you can't/ won't play well with the other kids in the win the title of lowlife.
Hey. Becky's calling..
Off you go
These situation show how feckless the government is...we can ban someone or harass them at border crossings because they have the wrong name or are on some list for unknown reasons, but heaven forbid we efficiently ban for life and jail people who cannot sit down, shut up, and follow the rules - rules that demand nothing of you more than to be a civil human being vs a wild animal.
They’re starting to do just what you described!
Absolutely none whatsoever! They attacked defenseless flight attendants and easily could have gone after others. I personally could care less about their mental condition. Do the crime, pay the time, crazy, disturbed, or not. That and lifetime ban from ALL flying, anywhere. Too damn bad…
Any such behaviour, especially if it could hazard the safety of the aircraft &/or any other person should receive prosecution & appropriate punishment. Judges can order suitable medical/psychological diagnosis and penal servitude with or without large and appropriate fines should always be considered. We are dealing with significant threats to aircraft & many persons lives.
Look up this woman's mugshot. Holy cow! 43 going on 65. Are they sure that alcohol was the only thing she was on?
Thinking of starting a private charter op for all those on the “No Fly” list. May call it Con Air….no, wait. Never mind.
Former veteran airline ground operations supervisor here. I hope they throw the book at her.
Public Intoxication? That’s it? WTF? Yeah local police don’t have jurisdiction. What happened to TSA meeting the flight, placing her into custody, and holding her for federal authorities who would charge her with the (apparent) assault(s) on the air crew members???
43 years looking at the Photo of her?
There's no way she's only 43 - she looks at least 55. Must be an error?
Ya, pretty rough 43 years!
I feel sorry for flight attendants, they shouldn't have to play security guard to deal with these fkn babies.
The government should consolidate all the people banned by the various airlines for these actions and they should be placed on a universal no fly list. You do this stuff, are convicted, flying is no longer possible.
Federal prison. Minimum $10k fine.
Permanent no fly list.
Easy...ban people for life from ever flying again on a commercial flight. Of course, if assault is involved that's a criminal act, so deal with that accordingly. But, ban for life.
Can we get past the naive' and erroneous believe that lengthy jail terms and heavy fines are true deterrents for this type of behavior?? Every time one of these incidents occurs these posts are littered with calls for Draconian (that means overly severe...) punishment that is unrealistic and unhelpful. The reality is people prone to this behavior don't stop and rationally consider the consequences of their actions before they act. In other words, life imprisonment is not what keeps most people from committing homicide. Put trained, equipped security personnel on airplanes, enforce reasonable penalties, and enact permanent flight ban for violators. If the problem is as bad as reported, it requires a real solution that means real expense to the airlines that in turn means real expense to all of us. Sabre rattling (look it up...) is getting us nowhere.
Problem is manpower and $$$ to add more security on flights.
costs a LOT of money to prosecute and jail people
@ Elizabeth - True, but that is the cost of living in a free society - it is a necessary and unavoidable expense. We're beginning to see the even higher cost to society when we fail to incarcerate people who belong in jail. It is a MUCH, MUCH higher cost than incarcerating miscreants.
We do....nothing?
Yes, let us allow this behavior to continue unchecked
Hey genius, ya want to know what the end result will be if the people cannot depend upon their duly elected officials to carry out their duty to protect the public?
Nothing out of the ordinary!
We’ve been doing it for years!
LOT? Polish Airlines
I'm gonna guess you're the antithesis of an advocate for the rights of crime victims?
One of these bleeding hearts who thinks that a prison sentence should include giving the convict the keys to his or her cell.
The media, politicians, and even many parents these days tell us that it is acceptable to disregard, challenge, assault and even murder police officers these days. What makes anyone think these same people in an airplane would have any compunction about committing these transgressions against civilians?? We are just beginning to reap what we sow in our misguided freedom-loving, no consequences for our misdeeds, liberal society. Get used to it - it's going to get worse.
Liberal society? that would be the BLM and I agree all those killed resisted arrest ..but this and too many others like the mothers attacking school boards all of the Jan 6 hostility is from gun loving conservatives
GIve ONE example of a school board being "attacked".
I think it's time for all airlines to remove alcoholic beverages promptly in-flight choices. Also gate agents get additional training to identify intoxififaion and refuse boarding privileges to those indivoduals.
Not practical! Gate agents have enough to do already!
Hey, bartenders in many states by law, MUST be reasonable in their approach to determining if a patron is visibly too intoxicated to serve an alcoholic beverage. Such a duty comes with the job.
Do it. Or find another occupation

I rather see that low life in jail
they will probably slap her hands put her on the fly list
Thinking of starting a private charter op for all those on the “No Fly” list. Will call it Con Air. . .oh, wait. Never mind.
OnTheAve 1
This savage should face life imprisonment.
Huck Finn -9
Oh pul-lease, stop with the middle ages crime and punishment! Get a life. Put yourself in her shoes. She was probably fed up with all the restrictions on her and just cracked. Maybe a stint in a mental hospital is more appropriate.
Oh pul-lease Huck !!
Gosh, when did you right wing types suddenly become soft on crime? Oh, right: when the criminal is a member of your tribe. Law and order is just for other people.
Couldn’t help but getting political, huh?
Tim Dyck 1
We don’t know this person’s voting preferences so let’s leave politics out of it.
I have been wondering if letting people check bags for free again would help reduce the stress level?
Checking bags has nothing to do with it. It’s the over-consumption of alcohol!
Im a 2 million miler I rarely saw more than two drinks served except in First
Checking bags was not free. It was just part of the ticket cost. It should revert back to that. I agree it would probably ease some of the stress in flying, but I suspect that a great many people remain scared s***less when flying, and the Covid risk keeps them scared while on the ground. There is no relief from fear for them, so the alcohol intake increases with the results we now see.

Amateur psychologist hat now removed...
Agree, but some people can’t control their alcohol on land, much less aboard a plane, train or other!
Dale is the President of Fathers for Dry Flying
OPINION: giving people their space back would restore dignity and reduce stress. Forcing crowds into an aluminum tube all laced together in seats that are designed according to maximize the "fannies vs margin" ratio is the main stress factor. We hear next to nothing about any of this occurring in 1st class.
? It's because they pay for the extra space. It's available to anyone.
I am 77 years old. In the 50's and 60's and until 1978, ALL seats were comfortable. Never had to pay to be treated with respect, and not like livestock.
Yes, "no frills" class sucks. But anyone who buys those tickets knows that in advance. If you want a cheap seat, you can get a cheap seat. But it will be, you know, a cheap seat. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy an airline ticket.
So, what’s your solution?
rapid rail
So go on the Amtrack site and post
ken young -1
Increase the fares
Example, I used to fly piedmont or us air between CLT and EWR.
The typical round trip coach fare ranged from $175 to $225
Using the inflation calculator, that fare in today's dollars is less than it was in the late 80s.
Using $200 as an average, in today's dollars, that is equivalent to $499
Cheaper fares are a contribution to a lower class clientele.
It is what it is.
Raise the fares to realistic levels and that discourages low brow people from using air travel
I see my post was downvoted. Mostl likely by someone with a high degree of self entitlement.
I know some of you will not like this, but I think serving alcoholic beverages on airplanes should be discontinued. Too many people can’t handle intoxication especially at high altitudes.
Please do your questionable stuff when you're not on an airliner.

If done on an airliner, different, *carriage* rules apply; they've been agreed to in the purchasing of the fare.

People don't understand this. I do not nor do I claim to fully understand it, honestly, but at least I know it's there.

Others more knowledgeable than me, please chime in.
Huck Finn -6
People on this forum need to be more compassionate towards individuals who have proven to be mentally unstable after attacking flight attendants. Were this in a mall or grocery store the charges would be much less but now the full weight of the federal government is bearing down on these people. I say send her in for an evaluation first and foremost followed by the commensurate penalty for the crime/misdeameanor. Use your heads but also lead with your heart. These people that are fighting the flight attendants seem to be very stressed out and I think that is the result of the total flying experience beginning with the TSA and the mask mandate aboard the airplane. Good gosh people, these are your fellow Americans. Show some compassion.
I think you're either a dyed in the wool bleeding heart. Or a troll who is really inept at using sarcasm
Anyway, you're cut off.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

@ Huck - Your mindset that no one is to blame for their actions and every transgression can be blamed on mental health issues is EXACTLY the mindset that has put us in this quagmire to begin with. Just because you think your parents hated you or you weren't breastfed, or people are too vicious, etc., etc. doesn't mean you get to act like an asshat. People need to be encouraged to take responsibility for their actions - not provided a convenient excuse for every transgression. Let's be honest - the amount of money it would take to properly treat mental illness in this country hasn't even been invented yet!
Why should they be looked at as mental health problems?
People aren’t necessarily classified mentally unstable just because of some socially unacceptable or criminal behavior.
Viciousness? Like this, you mean? " A criminal complaint alleged Amanda Henry disrupted a Spirit Airlines flight and punched and kicked flight attendants."

Part of the problem is people like you who spread lies and disinformation and make excuses for criminal behavior. As you usually do in this forum.
Not everyone has mental issues and to presume that someone who physically attacks another and drags someone by the hair isn't a sign of such. She sounds like she is a mean drunk from my point of view. From all appearances, she lashed out due to being rebuffed and then being asked to tone it down. She is deserving of any consequences her actions caused for the charges she now faces.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

It has nothing to do with masks and everything to do with entitlement.
And you know this for a fact, how???
John Nooge -6
Lets Go ByeDon

Your con man lost


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