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Three Canadian airlines refusing to board 'unruly' Quebec influencers returning from Mexico

Multiple Canadian airlines say they will refuse to board a group of Quebec social media influencers and reality TV stars on their way back from Cancun who were seen partying maskless, vaping, and drinking in the aisles during their departure flight last week. Video footage of the rowdy Dec. 30 flight on board a Sunwing Airlines chartered plane circulated widely online on Tuesday and has made national headlines — and even drew some harsh words from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. ( More...

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Mike Mohle 16
"Social Media Influencer" = Unemployed
jeff slack 11
Hardly, just a new way to make money pushing your own opinion.

The problem is people lap it up and these "unemployed" are paid well for nothing ............ there is so much not to like about this side of social media.
Mike Mohle 10
I read you Jeff, I got it wrong: Unemployable.
Paul Miller 12
Ban ALL of them for LIFE from ANY Airline.
ADXbear 8
sharon bias 7
Let's see....Extended use of hotel rooms, food, new airline tickets (some airline will take them at a huge fare), Covid testing, possible quarantine, more hotel costs, VISA costs if they have to fly through some countries to get home, more Covid testing. Hope they each had at least $10,000 available credit on their cards.
and enough left over to pay their fines from $5000 to $750000 !!!!!
Terry LeGrand 4
Unfortunately Mike those people are paid large amounts of money just for there comments on the PC. Just leave them there Canada will only benefit from the loss.I noticed a small number of the Snakes sunk back into the Country early to escape the Ban these people are not worth the print there getting.
Danny Quinn 2
Terry, Sunwing refused to hand over passenger manifest to Air Canada making it quite difficult for AC to block the ones that did get on. Inter-carrier cooperation would have been nice. But AC did manage to deny access to 19 of them…apparently!
DGR Rathborne 3
The Sunwing crew should have put the aircraft on the ground at the 1st airport available .
agree 100%, let's see the conclusions of the TSB and Transports Canada investigations
Danny Quinn 3
A long shallow banking 180 and an announcement from the flight deck saying “welcome to YUL, morons” would have been sweet!!
This CTV report shows scenes of the video circulating on social media.
Garry Bergin 2
Let’s see what the eventual consequences/penalties will be for these hooligans meted out by CANADIAN authorities/politicians in regards to this unacceptable behaviour on an aircraft.
adalbert29 2
Roch Comeau 9
Apparently the flight attendants hid in the back fearing their safety as it got so out of hand... Lets see these folks walk home!
According to Google Maps it takes 13 days to get back to Montreal on a bicycle.
Torsten Hoff 5
That's if you pedal 24 hours per day.
Yep, good exercise for douchebags!
adalbert29 3
Just askin - if it got that bad, where was the captain?
Good question, and it will be asked by Transport Canada.
cyberjet 3
That was my first thought as well. At a minimum it should have led to a diversion or return to YUL.
Don Whyte 1
Maybe the captain feared a riot in the cabin if they diverted.
hiding in the cockpit
Rick D 2
As a Canadian, Trudeau is an expert on idiots, so he should know. Not sure how I feel about other airlines finding out these people's names but they (the idiots) deserve what they get.
Huge mistake by Sunwing, not diverting immediately to the nearest airport and having them all arrested.
I wonder who was paying for these "influencers" to gather in Cancun. Did we accidentally stumble upon a dark money operation to buy their influence or to gather kompromat on them?
DGR Rathborne 0
The "Gang " will be dealt with as Transport Canada tracks them down . But further to my original comment .
Why the devil did the Flt Crew refuse to put the Flight on the ground at it's earliest opportunity ? It's my understanding that there were 5 cabin staff and the 2 flt crew . People who get into fists fights has caused emergency landings . But here the entire cabin is out of Control . Thank heaven they didn't hit clear air turbulence , cause some of those videos would be showing carnage . The passengers are ____. The airline is the one really responsible . That's my 2 cents .


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