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Canada’s 407 Squadron Defends the Dragon Belt

For the second year in a row, a CP-140 Aurora aircraft and crew from 407 Long Range Patrol Squadron and support personnel from 19 Wing Comox participated in Exercise Sea Dragon. And for the second year in a row, the Royal Canadian Air Force detachment received the coveted Dragon Belt award for top-performing crew in the exercise. ( 기타...

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I live near Comox, like to see them flying by, and had a tour inside the plane at a local airshow. It seemed relatively low tech compared to usual images we see. The fact they had the tour at a small, local, non-tower, airport (Qualicum) shows how down-to-earth the crew are, and they were very friendly. As a (past) amateur pilot and retired physics teacher, I am very impressed with them, and all the training and expertise of all involved to beat the US Air Force! Hurray for modest Canada! — As a background, I was born 6 months after Pearl Harbour, 1942, I was in those videos you see of students hiding under desks in 1950, but I was tall in grade 4 and the teacher had me stand in front of the big windows to close the curtains, facing San Francisco, while she hid under her desk; I learned about exploding glass windows when I went through mandatory ROTC, Reserve Officer Training at UC Berkeley 1960 62. We were shown videos of A-bomb tests and the pictures you see of buildings and windows exploding as part of our training. On a tour of a local Air Force base, we were allowed to get up into a B52, and beside it were 4 H-bombs, about a foot in diameter and 12 feet long. I patted one to keep it sleeping quietly. So far it has worked. (
My Air Force...cheers
Well done!
Bravo Zulu
Who says Canada can't do it ? Very proud to hear .


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