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Lufthansa, Air France join forces against EU's climate plans for aviation

BERLIN, Jan 24 (Reuters) - An alliance of airlines and airports called for changes to the European Union's planned climate change legislation on Monday, arguing it will make them less competitive with non-European rivals. ( 기타...

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Mike Mohle 19
LOL, another waste of time that will affect nothing except raise costs: "Taking aim at aviation, a sector deemed responsible for up to 3% of global emissions". WOW not even 3 whole percent (up to). Next time a volcano erupts the EU idiots can tax it for "excessive emissions".
I’m normally on the planes team but here I have to defend team Volcanos, as they are responsible for less than 1% of global CO2 emissions. Source: USGS
Well bovine flatulence contributes up to 18% according to the UN. So I'll see your volcano and raise you a herd of cows.
Who cares?

If by emissions we mean pollution then by all means mitigate that (as has been happening big time for decades) but if it means CO2, bring it on.

Even IF more CO2 made a difference, a warmer planet would SAVE lives, enrich more people, drive down the cost of energy and lift even more people out of poverty than fossil fuels, the main driver of maximum gain for the most people, has accomplished to date.

Listen to environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg. He believes in AGW but his solutions are market-based and eschew the authoritarianism required to push the agenda.

You don't need to know much about a subject to know that the people who are trying to hide information about it or personally vilify anyone who challenges the narrative are afraid of the truth.

If you are so sure of yourself, you'd think you'd welcome the debate. 😉
As one US Senator put it “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money.“. So 3% here , 3% there. Imagine if you could get 10 of those 3%s reduced, or more. It all adds up. The EU plan may not be the best plan, and yes, I see the airlines point, and agree with it.
Well stated.
TWA55 1
A plan is nothing but a basis for change, and only God knows where that will go. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
After they tax everything for carbon etc, the climate will continue to change as it has for eons like it or not. In a few billion years our star the Sun will burn out and become a red giant, all our climate change mantra's will be moot.... :)
TWA55 4
Those who can do, those who can't, become politicians.
Yeah, baby!😁
They can tax the kerosene made from crude oil. BP is already making a 50/50 blend of traditional kerosene and fuel made of organic waste. It is still certified as regular Jet-A1 and they are putting it into wing at some locations already. They say at their website that the goal is to make 100% of fuel from CO2 captured from the air, but this technology, although existing, is still too expensive. Remember when flying was too expensive for an average Joe? It only takes time.
We are at a relatively low level of CO2 currently ( that's why LOTS of greenhouses) and under a certain level, plants stop growing.

Cold is a far greater cause of death than heat and the best thing we can do to mitigate any AGW (assuming it exists. Bjorn Lomborg thinks so but his solution is identical to mine) is make as many people rich as fast as we can and the way to do that is with cheap energy....fossil fuels.

Let the market decide. When people get rich, they start thinking about the environment, something one has no time for when poor.



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