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Most unruly passengers escape serious punishments

The punishments don’t appear to be fitting the crimes. At least not in quantity. The majority of the nearly 6,000 reports of unruly airline passengers filed with the Federal Aviation Administration in 2021 were for violating the federal mask mandate. But the majority of those still went unpunished. ( More...

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patrick baker 9
i don't get it. These unruly passengers violate a number of federal regulations, and the FAA and the Department of Justice can't seem to indict most of them? Why have the rules on the books if the government is too cowardly to step up and enforce them.
Cleffer 7
This is a perfect example of a problem with the enforcement of a lot of laws. People think a good response is to pass more legislation as opposed to enforcing laws that already exist.
jeff slack 2
an x-president has set the standards ......further...... Russian Olympian tests positive for drugs says they belong to Granddad and still gets a gold medal.

............every kid that participates in the 3 leg race in school gets a medal because there are no winners anymore; just us, the losers.
Charlie Roberts 1
Or, they unruly passenger has a lawyer that is better than the government's lawyer and proves medication interaction, anxiety/stress as the contributing factor. My case in point, look at all those that get away with murder due to "mental instability" or a "crime of passion".
mary susan watkins 2
there have been laws on the books for decades that interfering with a flight crew onboard an aircraft is considered "criminal" and can be punishable by fines and/or is dependent upon whether the flight attndants or cockpit crew choose to report the incident and have law enforcemnt meet the aircraft at a gate upon arrivlal or by returning to the departure gate..hitting, touching,throwing things,or trying to enter the cockpit are examples of actual "physical" altercations that ususally occur..the refusing to "mask up" issue is totally new and has caused a whole lot more drama than having a person get drunk or curse or holler and the like..possibly the faa has decided that the mask wearing problem should be one handled by the crew or airline and not them as much..i still say however,if thea shirt,wear shoes, or wear a mask to be on an airplane or enter an establishment,then so be it or do no use the facility nor the carrier..rules are there for a reason, be it safety or health...
Bob Hallissy 2
This appears (to me at least) to be behind a paywall.
avionik99 2
The FAA is too busy finding ways to falsely discredit 5G than to pursue this.
btweston 2
The FAA doesn’t prosecute criminal cases, but whatever. Change the subject.
Dubslow -5
That would be because the mask mandate is retarded
Andy Cruickshank -1
As are you


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