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Los Angeles Man Faces Charges After Attempt To Open Exit Door On Flight Forces Emergency Landing In Kansas City, Mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CNN/CBSLA) — A Los Angeles man was charged Monday after authorities say he was subdued by passengers and flight crew aboard an American Airlines flight that was forced to divert to Kansas City International Airport on Sunday. “American Airlines flight 1775 with service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Washington, D.C. (DCA) diverted to Kansas City (MCI) due to an unruly passenger,” the statement, provided to CNN, said. ( More...

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Mike Webb 24
Arrest, mental evaluation, prosecution, fine, prison, no-fly list for life. Voila!
21voyageur 3
Perhaps more realistically , , , arrest, mental evaluation, prosecution, return to family or state care for keeping, no-fly list for life. Voila!
Cleffer 10
"A flight attendant used a coffee pot to hit him in the head in an attempt to stop Rivas..."

Highflyer1950 11
I Still think all In-Charge F/A’s should be issued a taser and make it part of the cabin briefing? I’m sure a pax or two would help in putting on the plastic handcuffs while another places a little note duct-taped to the seat back…….”in case of a loss of cabin pressure, you’ll be the last person to receive an O2 mask!”
Err, NO, "Highflyer", not bringing a taser on board! Surely you should be minimising the number of weapons inside a fuselage (even in the USA). Kudos to the cabin crew - the coffee pot sounded like sensible improvisation.
Highflyer1950 6
It was a joke! On the serious side of this issue, albeit too little, too late…the Courts should have taken this behaviour more seriously when handing out fines & jail sentences to those who would endanger the lives & wellbeing of others?
Cleffer 1
It's as simple as this: Enforce the rules that are already in place.
WhiteKnight77 0
Unfortunately, there are those who believe everyone deserves a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth etc. chance.
Haven Rich -1
Issue tasers to flight crew after proper training in their use! Zip tie handcuffs and duck tape on the service carts too.
After the fullest extent of the law protocol, where is the FAA developing a comprehensive all airline no fly list?
Russ Brown 3
They should have helped him open the door and then pushed him out!
Bill Butler 0
You haven't thought that one all the way through.
Russ Brown 2
Just a sentamental wish. I am aware of the safeguards in flight. But you are right, he might have hit someone on the ground.terminal velocity 150-180 mph.
Russ Brown 2
Could have gone out the back door in a 727.
Bill Butler 0
Hah! I thought TV was like 120 mph. But that was before global warming.
Jesse Carroll 2
He just wanted to jump off and land in Texas! His mask was suffocating him....a little satire...
Jim Allen 2
Aircraft doors need to be equipped with airlocks. This allows the individual to exercise their freedom without impinging on anyone else’s rights. Step right this way…😂
alex hidveghy 4
Airlock? It’s not the space shuttle!
However, it seems not a lot of people (especially the kooks who do this) do not know that ALL pressurized aircraft doors are of the “plug” type. It is impossible to open in flight…….good to know.
Jim Allen 5
I’m quite aware it’s impossible to open during flight -hence the airlock. Put the person that wants to open the door into the airlock, seal the inner door and allow them to open the outer door. Darwin rules.. the PAX has exercised their freedom and not impinged on anyone else’s 😂
21voyageur 5
Agree with the plug comment however seeing someone rigorously testing the scientific principle at 33,000 feet can be, shall we say, character-building?
Jim Allen 1
I’d say it’s Darwinian :-)
Mike Taylor 3
Agreed. Just a little back of the napkin calculations with a pressure differential of around 14.5 psi between FL330 and 8,000' [cabin pressure] and a roughly 73"x32" door I come up with close to 17 tons pressing on the door, from the Inside. I think the handle might come off first if you yanked hard enough. Still, wouldn't be comfortable with the guy trying and I'd make every attempt to neutralize the threat.
Cleffer 2
Agreed. Because at that point, the attacker is basically saying they are going to go to any lengths to cause harm.
My understanding is that cabin doors cannot protrude through their door openings because of their flanged edge design, At high altitudes, where an open cabin could cause a dangerous pressure differential, the total force from the interior aircraft pressurization on the closed door is so great that no human can pull it even the few inches to allow it to slide open. (At an approximate order of magnitude, the total force on the door would be in excess of 10,000 pounds at 30,000 feet altitude).

That being said, the above described malevolence should be punishable by life imprisonment with no parole.
john bramble 1
the average cabin door (L1) has around 22klbs of force @ 8.5psi, no way even 10 people could use crow bars to open it. at 1/2 psi the L1 slider on any of our planes cannot be opened
Tony Smith 1
To the passengers and flight crew: good on ya for defending your aircraft. If the crazy man gets sent back to Los Angeles, the DA there will probably let him off easy.
Jim Allen 3
NYC as well. A couple of weeks ago they announced new sentencing guidelines..former felonies like robberies are to be charged as misdemeanors. It’s a new approach… basically a diversion to keep people out of the system. They’ll get them help. But if you’re the one that got robbed, you’re screwed.
Tim Smith 0
Covid is pushing down on us all, more on some ( apparently)


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