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12 more laser strikes reported near Sea-Tac Airport, per FAA

12 more laser strikes have been reported near Sea-Tac International Airport (SEA), and investigators are trying to figure out who was responsible. The laser strikes pose a serious threat to safety, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Pointing a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime. ( More...

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Jim Allen 12
Yet another case of turnabout is fair play. Catch them - and make them drive a mountain pass at night and then shoot lasers at them. If they drive off a cliff- maybe the next moron will learn.
Dan Nathan -4
Sorry, just in case you weren't paying attention during the Trump years, MORONS CAN'T LEARN!! That's why they keep making the same insane claims and follow the same cult leaders. They are incapable of learning (or admitting guilt or culpability for that matter)!!
Alan Glover 1
Hard to tell who the "morons" are in that post.

IQ can't be a determinant. There are millions on both sides of the contentious issues.

Has to be the mass formation psychosis.

I maintain censorship, violence and approval of harse punishment for those who disagree politically are in the wrong.

Call me crazy. :)
Russ Brown 8
Fines are not enoug! Jail time. Mandatory minimum, no limit on maxi -mum. It is a committed life threatening crime! More than brandishing a firearm; it is aim - fire discharge of a lethal weapon.
nspowell 4
I reported a laser illumination to the FA on departure from ORD a couple of years ago. Green laser that appeared to originate from a residential area. Hopefully that made it to the pilot and FAA.
Alan Glover 1
The report, not the laser strike.;)
paul gilpin 6
If you’re caught shining a laser at a plane or a helicopter on purpose, it can be costly. Fines can top $11,000 for the first violation and up to nearly $31,000 for several violations.
except in seattle. where you will be released after booking.
sgt. doofus tim meyer should be ashamed of himself for talking so tough.
R Jolly 2
Link is not working
...worked just now for me. Try again?
R Jolly 1
Not in my part of the world. Forbidden, it says.
Dan Marotta 1
Use a vpn.
Tim Dyck 1
Must be your own government blocking it. The link works here in Canada.
Alan Glover 3
Does anyone doubt that a laser-using antifa-stronghold that tolerates these vermin also has a high incidence of these strikes?
Dale Johnson 1
The page opened once to a paywall sign up page. Next article.
chiefaviator 1
Iwas one of those reports in this article.
Dale Johnson 1
Dead link
Jim Welch 1
Link wouldn’t work on mobile. 😢
WhiteKnight77 1
One would hope they would be charged with attempted murder.
Suzze Tiernan 1
A pilot I follow on TikTok had to deal with a laser at Sea-Tac last week.
Do you know the name of the material?
Dale Johnson 0
Yeah, still bad link OR because I use an ad-blocker which I won't disable. See-ya
Dan Nathan -2
Every plane needs to be equipped with cheap plastic retro reflectors. These are highly efficient at reflecting the laser light back to the source at high levels blinding the culprit(s). These 2" to 4" retro-reflectors are commonly attainable at any industrial control supply store. They are less than $5 each, self-adhesive and durable. 6-8 of them on the bottom and sides of any plane would be an effective deterrent to these insane and dangerous pranks.
Nah. They aren't accurate enough to keep the laser beam tight enough to impact the culprit(s), although they'll light up nicely when they're hit. Wrong incentive.
Tim Dyck 2
Or just a few guided misspells that lock in on the laser and take out the culprit.
Tim Dyck 2
That was supposed to say missiles. Sorry I should have proofread.
Alan Glover 2
Worth a try.


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