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First Lufthansa 787 Completes Maiden Flight

LN898 (N8298V / D-ABPE), the first 787 for Lufthansa, completed its 3-hour maiden flight at CHS on March 17, 2022. This airframe was initially rolled out with no engines in July 2019, destined for Suparna Airlines. It was not taken up and sat neglected for years. But for the past several months, Boeing South Carolina has been working hard to bring it back to life for Lufthansa! ( 기타...

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Interesting that a German aircraft has an "N" registration number. Or is that something Boeing slaps on the side until the purchase is complete kind of like a dealer tag when you are buying a car?
ilikerio 2
Many aircraft destined for airlines outside the US will receive a temporary "N" registration for flight testing before delivery.
Also, is the RAT deployed (visible just beyond the left landing gear)?
ilikerio 1
Yes, they usually deploy the RAT when arriving from a maiden flight.
I suspect you’re right in that the “N” assignment may just be a “Dealer Tag” until it’s eventual international registration?!?

I’m just a GA guy, and have absolutely no idea how international registries work, but I’d love for you folks that know to chime in here. Just for grins...
What does “Sat neglected” mean?
"Sat neglected" means exactly that, it was parked up in the yard with no essential maintenance, that is why it took so long to "Bring it back to life"!
Just like all of the aircraft that were flown to the desert shortly after the beginning of COVID.
Sad, but true. It ended a lot of careers too early.

I’m not a religious man, but I’m prayin’ this pandemic is mostly behind us now. We have the tools ! 👍


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