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Qatar Airways A350 Cargo Fire

A Qatar Airways A350 diverted to Karachi after receiving a cargo smoke indication and declaring an emergency. The aircraft, an Airbus A350-900 registration A7-ALZ performing flight QR579 from Delhi to Doha, received a cargo smoke indication shortly after reaching its cruising altitude of 40,000ft... ( 기타...

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linbb 9
Wow looks like the cargo box contained it and quick action by the flight crew saved the day too.
I think those cargo containers are under-appreciated in many ways.
Agreed. Does anybody know if there are categories of containers that are associated with types of goods?
Yep, probably a very different and tragic storyline if in a narrowbody cargo hold.
Possibly saved by lessons learned from the loss of SA295, a Boeing 747-200 Combi, in 1987. The inquiry into that crash reported that inadequate fire detection and suppression facilities in the class B cargo bays were the primary cause of the aircraft's loss. The accident alerted aviation authorities worldwide that the regulations regarding class B cargo bays had lagged far behind the growth in their capacity.
Given that the forensics of fires have improved so much in the last 15 years, I'm sure they'll figure out where the fire started and probably even the suitcase or container it started in. Then the police can have a go at it.
Almost looks as if it was passenger luggage. Will be interesting to find out what ignited it.
My bet is it was something containing LiPo batteries. Spontaneous ignition with old or damaged cells is common. Vibration makes it even more likely.


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