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Delta Welcomes Its 1st Airbus A321neo, Launches a New Era for Domestic Travel

Delta Air Lines is upgrading the domestic travel experience with the delivery of its first Airbus A321neo jet ( 기타...

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The seating they selected is disappointing. I flew an American jet from LAX to JFK with 2-2 lie flat seats in business and they were great for a red eye where you didn't have to get up. But these are a bit too "versatile" and "Premium Economy-ish." Considering that airlines will always be bailed out, why not just spend and get a great fleet with features that no one can touch?
The last I checked, Delta was flying 767’s with direct aisle access in Delta One between JFK and LAX.

I imagine these new planes will be used on short flights, not transcontinental.
don't know how it will compete with Jetblue offering MINT flat seats in First as opposed to recliner on DL on transcontinental out of BOS.
jon330 1
It will compete by getting you to the West coast on time or early with a highly professional crew and a world-class operations team. I guess the upside to those MINT seats is you'll get to sit in them for several hours longer on each flight as JetBlue performs in its usual half-assed manner and delivers your comfortable butt a few hours late on EVERY flight.
this plane represents little more than increased profit margins for Delta, not necessarily lower fares for paying passengers, better and more comfortable seating. THis plane will cost less to operate and replaces older more expensive to own and operate jetliners. Restrain your enthusiasm.....
The passengers will still enjoy that new aircraft smell, a new cabin and quieter engines.

But yes, Delta is the real winner here.
I'm a Boeing fan.
Ken Hardy -2
321 or 737, it's still an aluminum tube flying bus with seats built for midgets, I would take a DC 7 or Constellation any day even if it took longer.
mbrews -2
Checked Confirms the engine type installed for Delta N501DA is P&W GTF (Geared turbo Fan ). No thanks, I will skip this ride. The GTF has demonstrated a checkered history of unreliability - too many In-flight shutdowns.

Note that Indigo Airlines is walking away from their troubled GTF engines, and has selected CFM engines for further neo orders.
Noting your comment about Indigo Airlines walking away from GTF engines, Is it possible to refit CFM engines to airframes that use GTF engines during a heavy maintenance check?
mbrews 1
It is impractical to refit different engine type on A320 series. Because of different locations of interface points for fuel, hydraulics, electrical harnesses and the like.
if you don't mind waiting the months between those checks, during which you are exposed to a less desirable jet engine.


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