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Small airplane flips over while waiting to take off from Las Vegas airport

A Cessna 182 flipped upside down while waiting to take off from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, according to a federal official. ( More...

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Scott Campbell 8
I've flown into KLAS a few times in a Cherokee - crossing mid field and watching a 47 take off beneath me is seared into my memory. But I always remember departing northbound aligned to the strip with 3 passengers, hot and full fuel - when the Tower asked if I could make a left turn asap, and I thought "yea if I point it directly into a hotel and kill us all - "I'll let you know sir when I can make the turn safely" :)
Ron Slater 6
I wonder if he got too close behind a large jet and the jet powered up to pull out on the runway.
sparkie624 2
I was kind of thinking the same thing!
ADXbear 6
Sounds like big jet wind vortices to me.
aeroflyer 4
I witnessed a similar event at ABQ in the 80's. A TWA 727 revved up for takeoff on runway 08. Behind it was a Piper Cub waiting who was instructed to taxi and hold shortly thereafter and immediately got flipped on its back. Both occupants survived with minor injuries.
bentwing60 7
All the more reason to go to HND.
cparks 2
Has anyone noted the surface winds at KLAS at the time of the incident? Curious to know.
Tyler Barr 1
I think full thrust of of a commercial jet too.
sparkie624 1
Sounds like the Winds did not want to let him off the ground...
anthony geinopolos -1
coinflyer -4
How?? Large plane vortex or did he stomp on the brakes with full power and down elevator at 30 MPH?


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