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The Fall and Impending Rise of San Bernardino Airport

Nestled in the Inland Empire of Southern California is San Bernardino International Airport, currently serving zero airlines. What once was planned to be another relief airport for LAX alongside Burbank (BUR) and Ontario (ONT) has largely come to nothing...until 2022. ( 기타...

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What they don't mention is the delays that air traffic can see due to it's location and geography. The FAF for the only ILS is on the ONT 10 mile final. When ONT gets busy in bad weather SBD will probably take a hit. When winds pick up aircraft don't want to circle to rwy 24 because of terrain and the proximity of an uncontrolled airport on the base leg, so they hold and usually divert. Great airport but not in the best location.
If the Santa Ana’s are affecting ONT, I suspect San Bernardino won’t be any better, maybe worse.
SBD :) yea
Mega runway with lots of cheap labor in California with in the Los Angeles basin. That’s why Jeff jumped at the opportunity now fed ex and UPS have follewed.
I don't know what they're talking about. Getting in and out of the airport is a breeze and from any direction. I always thought it was a waste that this airport wasn't used. Before cargo, this place was really a ghost town.
Santa Ana winds are a b!tch
dsjjw 1
Article states that there is a possible commuter delay of 10 to 15+ minutes. As though other airports in So. Ca. are conveniently located, LAX is and has been an absolute nightmare, traffic jams can and do occur any time day or night. Horrible commute from any direction! Did it for 17 years, never again. Ontario and Burbank have their problems but nothing compared to LAX. San Bernardino seems like a convienient location for the flying public.
They must think no one flies out of Chicago Midway either because of the traffic lights.


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