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The Russians Got Caught Faking A TB-2 Drone Shoot-Down

As Russia’s wider war in Ukraine enters its third month, Ukraine’s small force of Turkish-made TB-2 armed drones continues to pick off Russian forces in eastern and southern Ukraine. The 1,400-pound, propeller-driven unmanned aerial vehicles, armed with 14-pound laser-guided missiles, have targeted air-defenses, artillery batteries, supply convoys and command posts. ( 기타...

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Russia has lied about everything in this war from the initial deployment of troops for "training exercises" through the "special operation" to the atrocities committed by their troops and the rockets targeting civilian buildings. So why stop the lies now. But they are kidding themselves - they are going to lose, big time.
The Ruskies lie, cheat, break rules, dope(Olympics) and anything else corrupt, just to save face to try and make everyone believe they’re the best! When in fact, they’re the worst!
From what I've seen of Russian vloggers and street interviews, for the most part the Russian people suspect their government is lying to them. Thing is, they dare no say to too widely for fear of being charged with uttering 'Fake News.
You may not be Russian, or get calls and messages daily from family and friends there (and in Ukraine!), but, I'd guess you get your news from filtered media, and not first hand. If you did, you would know that people in Russia can easily get around social media and internet restrictions, nobody likes the war (and they are sympathetic to the hardships), free speech is not impeded (unless in public display, then you're shooed home). In addition, gas is $1.50 USD/gallon, technology is cheaper than before the war, and Ukrainians, Russians and Americans enjoy socializing together.
Desperation. It's sad.

Russia - please pull out of Ukraine. You are embarrassing yourself.
Their only "success" has been the mass murder of unarmed civilians. About the only thing Putin and his predecessors have ever excelled at.
msetera -7
More importantly, Joe Biden, please pull out of the White House. You are embarrassing the whole country.
And Donald Duck was not?
Russia's news on this was never meant for external consumption. Simply trying to feed their masses with some "positive" news, albeit it apparently fake. Guess fake news is not limited to the western media.
Just wait until the Monday victory celebration of the defeat of the Ukraine Nazis on the May 9 anniversary of the Soviet defeat of the real ones.
Maybe that will impress you. But really? You think the Monday Victory Celebration is meant to impress the west? Most of the world knows Russia is completely fu*ked. Note I used the word "most".
Perhaps you missed my sarcastic tone?
This will be aimed at impressing folks who get their news beck home from state-controlled Russian TV.
Younger Russians with more diverse sources and VPNs will know better.
Apparently, I did - was not obvious.
It actually was very obvious...
I guess I did not put it well. Sorry.
Not a laughing matter!
Anything but a laughing matter!
The Ukrainians have fought remarkably well and suffered unspeakably in this war, but ordinary Russians are also captives of Putin's imperial fantasies. Such a tragedy.
Sarcasm and humor are very different matters.
But both routinely escape the masses!
It was originally scheduled to be held in Kyiv.
Many a slip twixt cup an lip.
POP goes the GENERAL.... Bet they won't tell about the 12 GENERALS KIA.... That's NEWS
yes, so much to be read into that assuming the number is correct. Who honestly knows?

It's a shame about the Russian children and the Ukrainian children caught up in all of this. What a shame that adults have to ruin their innocents.
I'm thankful for the many Christians within the Ukraine praying over all of this. The Lord is doing amazing things through them.
Russia is so good that it can shoot down the same drone twice.
Actually, that is pretty good and pretty bad... If they get the 2nd opportunity, they did not do a good job the first time.... LOL! No body ever said they were good shots... But no one ever said they always tell the truth either!
rdlink 4
The Russian government is lying about something? That seems surprising. LOL
I knowwwww. Wow! "Breaking news" worthy of page 3.
I wouldn't expect much less from them.
I honestly don't think they [Ukraine Drones] show up on Russia's defence Radar
And what leads you to that conclusion? The model in question is 21 feet long, 34 feet wide, can get up to 25,000 feet, and carries over 300 pounds of laser-guided munitions. FYI, not your Walmart drone. Do your homework.
Anyone know why some of the posts show up in a thin vertical line, instead of horizontal?
If you are like me - optically-challenged-as-a-bat - and need to scale up the text size in your browser, this can happen when a comment thread gets several levels deep and text formatting gets crowded to the right.
Putin sure is using his prior KGB training to get his country's people to believe what he wants them to. Sadly, the younger ones will not fall for it.
"Adolf" Putin and Russia's government are beyond contempt. No question.

That said, how much more of our money are we going to pump into a losing battle?? Without actual military involvement (not just intel and armament) do we really think Ukraine can defeat Russia? How much deeper will our government put us into recession just so we look good to the world and feel better about ourselves?

In the meantime, the invasion of our southern border continues unabated - the disastrous results of which are only BEGINNING to be felt.
It is aviation off-topic.
1) the 'invasion of the southern border' has been ongoing since Mexico lost a couple of Southern-Tier State territory.
2) Re "losing battle" Putin is going to continue until he decides US will be willing to intervene.
He might have thought America would be more of an adversary if:
a certain president launched invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq
a certain president erased several 'lines in the sand' with Assad and did little
a certain president said he was going to let NATO hang in the wind
a certain president made a 'side bet' with the Taliban not to shoot at our soldiers as we departed, and left the Afghan government hanging in the wind
a certain president drop-kicked that Afghan government in an abrupt departure.
All of those gave Putin the idea that the our government wasn't going to do anything about any aggressive moves he wanted to make.
You've been thinking, no fair!
We should have dealt with those Commie Bastards right after WWII. Look at all the people and countries destroyed by these sub-humans since then! Dug out Doug was right on!
You are kidding. Right? Newsbreak ! ! ! !The 1940s and 50's are long past. The cold war was won following which Amerika fell asleep at the switch and allowed a- Putin to get to where he is today and b- allowed China to take the lead economically and otherwise.
There were countries destroyed by sub-humans? I missed the movie, sounded exciting.
Putin learned to lie from the best...


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