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Nearly 5 Million Honeybees Die After Being Left on Hot Tarmac by Delta Air Lines

Millions of honeybees, bound for Anchorage, Alaska, perished from heat and starvation after Delta Air Lines re-routed their flight through Atlanta, Georgia, and left them exposed on a hot tarmac for several hours. Beekeeper Sarah McElrea had ordered two shipments of honeybees, which are not native to Alaska, from a distributor in California, intending to have them assist in pollinating a variety of apple orchards and nurseries. ( More...

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Can't get good help anymore! #idiots
sparkie624 5
Sounds like someone is going to get Stung on this one! - All jokes aside, there has been more than one animal/pet left out in the heat that died of a Heat Stroke.... There is no acceptable excuse for these actions.
this is really sad...honey bees are a VITAL part of the eco system and polllination..someone at delta needs to be held accoutable and severely fined or fired!
ADXbear 2
This is a terrible loss the agricultural, bees die, we die... Read about it.. the beekeeper should be well compensated.
bdarnell 1
Delta will probably give them a voucher for a future flight. Oh, wait ........
C172Rpilot 1
I can't think of a single airline that doesn't treat animals like baggage. Sorry to hear that. Just negligent employees. I hope she gets compensated for the loss well and next time, pick a different carrier.


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