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Boeing is pushing the Air Force for more money for Air Force One

Boeing’s next generation Air Force One plane is more than $1 billion over budget ( 기타...

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yatesd 13
$6 billion is an incredible sum for two aircraft that already had airframes produced. Yes, I know its all in systems, but this is just over the top. I’ve been on both of the VC-25As before and I’m familiar with what goes into them. They are truly two of a kind, but Boeing doesn’t have their “A team” on these aircraft and I’m starting to doubt that Boeing even has an A-team any more. Every program they touch has problems.
Chris B 22
This is the way the taxpayer subsidizes Boeing's constant screw ups on the 737, KC46, 787, 777x etc.
Yep. And it needs to stop. Pencil whipping the ledgers is not new to Boeing...
;boeing is doing their periodic extortion dance in front of us all. If the money is not paid as requested then boeing will slow-putt the completion as they have been doing, and a confrontation will be played out in full view.
sparkie624 14
Boeing already signed the Contract! Tough Luck! Kind of like buying a house and the owner goes up on you 1/2 way to closing!
CapeCodder 11
How can any man-made object be $1 BILLION over budget? Boeing is claiming the project is one thousand million dollars over budget? That claim alone demonstrates their incompetence on a monumental level. Somebody's got some splainin' to do and some heads need to roll.
"A billion here and billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money!"
An elephant is just a flea built to US government specifications.
And a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

Got it.
I seem to recall Andrew Hunter in my days with the government. He was one of those democrat congressional staffers big on acquisition reform and later a Rapid Acquisition proponent even though he didn't really have the background, it just sounded good to his bosses I guess. I too managed quite a few large government acquisitions with the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force. I was always frustrated by the user community that kept coming to me with "you know, we really need it to do this too, you can add that right?" Yeah, sure, send money and time to renegotiate that Fixed Price contract you signed.
This is just simply Boeing doing Boeing
The disgusting political comments in this thread add no value to the discussion
Boeing has grown fat on its 'cost over runs' which the government always bails it out for. IF it had wanted to do it as agreed it would have I'll bet!
They ought to go to Airbus....if Boeing can't get it right, go elsewhere. They will eventually get it...unless of course there are "plants" from Boeing in politician's pockets, which is likely the case.
This is a government project. Don't quibble about costs.
Chris D 1
Bidenflation! Unfortunately he doesn’t give a crap! Or better yet, his handlers don’t.
msetera 0
Complete with a diaper changing station for Joe Brandon.
And a section for nurses that specialize in alzheimer patients. Need several.
This is why a "fixed-price" contract is a terrible idea for government. Government cannot run like a business, and trying to use business methods to satisfy public policy objectives ALWAYS runs into trouble.

Remember: corporations can go bankrupt and just turn into other corporations. If you run a government into the ground, there is no recovery.
And why wouldn’t they. They know they can get away with it. We have an administration that doesn’t know up from down. The current administration will eat anything you put in front of them. Boeing will milk the cow for as much as they can.
I thought Trump claimed to have gotten a very good deal on the new Air force One. Just another lie, apparently.
Trump "made" Boeing sign a 4B deal.that absorbed the cost of (2) 747-8's. He also wanted a red,white and blue color scheme, of course Biden chit on such a simple concept.
Trump DID get a good deal, but Biden brings his own lube?
He's old....can't remember when he had his latest breath!!
HE did, that's why they reneg now. Got it, you idiot?
Its called a "contract" for a reason! Try harder.
lol. I guess you don't know how government contracts work.


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