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Qantas to Launch Fifth Longest Route in the World: Auckland to New York

On Thursday, Qantas Airways announced its return to New York's JFK, unveiling a new route from Sydney to New York via Auckland. The route will compete directly with its Trans-Oceanic neighbor Air New Zealand. ( More...

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Jerry Lawson 3
Wow - some jet lag - loose 2 days on one flight. If you're not careful when you book your flight, they could take away your birthday.
Dan Alexander 2
Too bad the link will cost you $$. click bait is right
Dan Chiasson 1
Just point to the article. Does FlightAware generate revenue with links of this type?
Dan Mena 1
japanjeff 3
If you have an ad-blocker installed they try to get you to pay for a subscription.
Michael McConchie 1
I don't pay for my subscription. I just logged on and was able to reach all the articles.

Jim Welch 1
It opened normally for me..
Jim Welch 1
A 16 hour hop is just too damned long for this old guy! Boston to Tome is about my limit these days. Looks like I’ll have to wait for the BOOM super sonics.
Then, I’ll just re-mortgage my house for a 1st class round trip ticket!
Dan Chiasson 1
Not to worry, BOOM will not get past the investment phase. Their forecast IPO is a super high risk play.
Dan Chiasson 1
click bait.


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