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Boeing agrees to pay $200 million for misleading the public about the 737 Max

Boeing and its former CEO Dennis Muilenburg agreed to pay hefty fines to settle charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission that they misled the public about the safety of the 737 Max following two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019. ( More...

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Marty Martino 8
$200 million is hefty? For Boeing that’s petty cash…
Charles Lindbergh 6
Dennis Muilenburg put return to stockholders above safety and product quality. He should be criminally charged in the 737 Max fiasco.
Etienne Daniels 6
THat's less than the Golden Handshake that the former CEO received, if I remember well. Is he in jail already?
Vaughn Blue Jr 1
Whose pockets will be lined with this $200M?
D Rotten -2
Too FUNNY!! Yet, the SAME problems are still there. And the Zombies continue to board these DEATH TRAPS! lololol
Dan Rawson 2
Please advise which problems are the SAME… I’m interested in knowing.
Tim Dyck 1
Can you tell us which problems were not adressed?
Elaine Scop -6
Who gets the 💰 money?
Should be we investors that lost, don't you think?
Just sayin.....
bdarnell 9
Should be the people that lost family members, don't you think ?

Just sayin ...
Vaughn Blue Jr 1
I think they've already settled with them, but then again, I've been known to be wrong on occasion.
btweston 9
So as a part owner of a company that lied about its product and killed over 300 people, you should get money.

Are you even real?
Larry Toler 3
I'm no economics pro, but isn't investing in something akin to gambling? When the company you invest in loses, you also lose. Pick your stocks wisely. On the upside, don't rush to sell your stocks as they can always come up. Boeing does a lot more than commercial aircraft. Their military market is still booming.
Tim Dyck 2
Long term Boeing is still up. I bought some in the 80s at around $12.00 a share. It’s trading today at $121.00. If I had a crystal ball I would have sold it all in 2019 when it was around $380.00 but hindsight is always clearer then foresight.


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