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Cathay Pacific Resumes Flights Over Russia

As a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most European airlines have been rerouting flights around Russia, as heightened alerts have made for dangerous conditions. However, many Asian airlines had never stopped flying over the Eurasian country, mainly due to political ties. Cathay Pacific was one of the airlines that halted flights in March. Now, almost eight months later, flight CX841 from New York to Hong Kong became the first Cathay Pacific flight to fly over Russia. ( More...

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Derek Vaughn 5
Last I read, China was trying to kill off Cathay Pacific.
D Kaufman 4
Remind me to never book on Cathay. There are so many other options in those neck-of-the-woods. I recently flew my fav, Singapore Airlines. An excellent airline in every way and they fly everywhere Cathay flies.
Lawrence Green 1
MH 17.
James New 1
KAL007 (1973)
MH17 (2014)
See the pattern?
Ed Chapman 1
Is Russia collecting overflight fees? Is Cathy paying them? Wouldn’t paying them violate sanctions, not that China would care?
EMK69 -9
And having studied the Military practices of the old USSR and now Russian Federation since I first joined the military once again Putin is winning. The world is tired of continued conflict. All one has to do is study how Russian has held on during Afghanistan, Syria, and Africa over the years. He took his playbook right out of the old KGB and eventually will win this current conflict since politicians will ultimately give up and move on. Cathay is just one, but finally, others will follow suit. It's a world chess game at which Putin is very gifted at playing over other countries.

And before you jump down my throat on my comment keep in mind I'm Ukraine as well as a Retired Marine who studied their tactics for years.
eyeguy2020 8
The Russians did not do so well in Afganistan, not that the USA did so well either.
Guy Rovella 13
No one does well in Afghanistan. Not even the Afghanis.
James Simms 4
Nor did the British
jeff slack 17
No one is jumping down your throat but Cathay is part of China and China has thrown its lot in with Russia.
Hong Kong is fully under xi-pings iron fistula.

As far as I am aware no carriers from countries opposed to Vlad's invasion of a peaceful neighbour have resumed flying over the mudder-land.
jonchamps 21
You are so wrong. Cathay is now controlled by the Communist Party of China who are Russias allies. So they fly over Russia. Other than a few stubbornly ignorant countries who remain silent for selfish reasons (such as India) most airlines don’t and won’t fly over Russia. I refuse to use an airline that does.
Putin will loose this war. Russia lost Afghanistan and has left Syria in ruins. Ukraine will survive this and it will win. Defeatism like yours is Putin’s only victory.
Phil Ford 6
I agree!
Pravara Ba 2
India is selfish? India has nothing to do with this war. US is responsible for this war by keeping NATO against Russia and poking it by asking every border country like Ukraine to join. If US really want peace just stick to it’s own business without interfering in internal matters of other countries. Ukrainian never supported India on Kashmir issue and supported a terrorist country Pakistan. Russia was the one who supported India in difficult times.Go watch the Bangladesh geneocide which was not even Indias problem but how lot of Indians died and your US and Pakistan mercilessly killed millions of people. Russia supported at that time. Russia was giving numerous warnings to NATO that it won’t allow their weapons in its borders. Why US didn’t listen? If peace is the important thing no matter what US would have stepped back from Ukraine joining NATO.
linbb 5
Not jumping but all you say is a very well known fact just watching nightly news for years. Nothing new.
Vanessa Duncan -7
Awesome news


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