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More than 100 C-130 Air Force planes have been grounded after propeller blades were cracked

More than 100 C-130 Air Force planes have been grounded after it was discovered the propeller blades had cracks. The Air Force suspected the cracks are a byproduct of repeated scratching during a decade of inspection. During maintenance, technicians use an electric arc pen to scratch numbers into the blades to indict that the inspection has been done. 'The process used to engrave serial numbers on the propellers likely contributed to cracks that are being found on the C-130Hs,' Major… ( More...

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steven iltz 7
Well what a surprise. who comes up with this procedure?

bentwing60 14
propeller salesmen to the usaf! A&P schools across the world have taught students to sand or 'burnish' scratches on props. identified during inspection to remove the crowns that propagate cracks in aluminum or various other alloys used to construct a modern day or otherwise prop.! Can't make this stuff up.
John Taylor 3
I read elsewhere that the Air Force is testing eight bladed props for the 130. These cracks are good excuse to get rid of the existing props for the new ones. At you tax dollars expense. But hey, I'm all for it. I worked on the KC-135 variants for twenty six years and it's still going, like the B-52. If you have a good horse, you ride it.
Doug Haviland 2
They need to find the genius who the that was a good idea.
Phil Howry 2
Is the FAA seeking to sue the military inspectors and/or manufacturers for the propeller defects?
Claude Buckley 2
Disappointing that it’s a C130-H problem but all of the photos are of the J model.
majormc47 4
It’s not a real aviation site that’s doing the reporting. To them, a C-130 is a C-130. I flew C-130As and C-130Es during my time, and they’re all gone, but I can still spot the differences.
Cynthia Brunette 1
Wait for it.
Frank Warzocha 1
C130's came out after the Korean War around 1954, maybe he meant the Vietnam war.
William Jensen 1
Gee, who would have thought that scratching props would cause them to crack?
Vaughn Blue Jr 0
I'm surprised they aren't blaming it on the pandemic!


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