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Eviation Alice Achieves Milestone with its First All-Electric Flight

Eviation achieves a significant milestone in electric aviation with the first flight of Alice. ( More...

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bbabis 4
Well, the Wright’s first flight was 12 seconds so this is certainty a good start. We’ll see where it leads.
Michael Yentzer 3
Pure electric propellor driven Aircraft will never be, at least for the next 100 yrs. H2 combustion engines, piston or gas turbines is likely the next step. But until cold fusion is both perfected and miniturized generating even the Hybrid approach can not effectively replace combustion engines for power and efficiency. We are finding out that the Climate agenda is the fast road to economic suicide and will shortly be thrown into the dust bins of history. The countries that re-embrace fossil fuel, Nuclear and H2 will be on the economic top performers. Watch as Europe makes a mad dash back to Fossils and Nuclear. Yes, we can burn Coal cleanly, and it is still the cheapest fuel available, See Monroe Power Plant in Monroe, Michigan. I can see the aviation world making a similar dash to H2 fuels and back to Diesel fuels, from Bio Diesel to just good old, refined petroleum.
Roy Hunte 1
They need to restart the mining of Pennsylvania's Athracite Coal, which is cleaner burning than bituminous coal. I think they have restarted some.

I'll take the wait-and-see attitude.
Larry Kreuger 1
Way too many investors in the fossil fuel industries still dominate economies all over the world and will likely continue to do so until population growth (not necessarily related to types of fuel consumed) reaches a tipping point and zillions of hungry and thirsty have nots begin massive relocation away from receding shorelines and toward higher elevations requiring so much more polluting fuel burning that mass health crises including poisoned air (that is currently being consumed by about 20% of the have nots already) overtakes damn near the whole planet. Great grand children of some of us among the ‘haves’ will be asking themselves why those of us who knew better sat on our collective hind ends and watched the world slowly rot away. I’m personally leaving my notes, such as this one, in a capsule to be opened by my kids kids kids in the 22nd century so they’ll be aware of their family legacy as they walked around breathing portable oxygen. 😴


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