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Pro-union mandate at Chicago O'Hare threatens to disrupt cargo flights

The city of Chicago is demanding that ground handling contractors reach a deal allowing a major union to sign up workers or else lose their licenses. With the sides at an impasse, many cargo shipments could be cut off before the end of January. ( More...

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Greg S 4
If Chicagoland can't get its Amazon deliveries the mayor's light feet are gonna feel the heat.
Nooge 2
Is tippy toe Lynn Z getting involved in Chicago now ? You think he would have learned from getting involved in elections in GA

Well he can always take the fifth
John Taylor 1
She may have light feet but she sure isn't fleet footed.
I used to be in a Union.

The best day of my life was when I got OUT of the Union.

The Union doesn't serve the good workers - it protects the malingers, the mal-contents, those that show up and don't work.

No wonder the lawless City of Chicago thinks it can strong-arm people to let people join the union. It's a dangerous city now with the catch and release state's attorney Kim Foxx.
John Taylor 1
The day of the union's need is long, long past. Like you said, it only protects the deadbeats and the union officials and politicians lucre. All the benefits the unions got back in the day are almost codified in law.
EMK69 6
When I was a kid, only 16 I worked for a company that wanted Union organization. I was in Oklahoma and the union was from New York. I will never forget the pressure from those thugs. Walking into the workplace, demanding I vote union. I would go out to my car to leave and they were there. I recall 4 days when they were at my car at my High School. All the time I was surrounded by 3 big idiots demanding I vote for the union. Finally one day after work they were standing there trying to surround me when one of dads'fellow Police Officers pulled up asking if I was alright. They quickly split but the Officer wanted to know what was going on. I will tell you the truth at 16 I was scared but after that day and when they found out dad was a Lt with our PD I was not bothered again.

Things may have changed over the years on how they organize unions but back then, in the early 60s, it was scary. I voted no on the union and to this day I'm not sure we ever had a union.
WD Rseven 5
Unionism is communism, everyone marches in lock-step while the fat-cat "leaders" go to Las Vegas on boondoggles.


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