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The Best Year in the History of Pilatus

2010 proved to be another year of new records for Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, with the company generating its highest ever sales revenue and operating income. Pilatus also delivered its 1000th PC-12 mid-year – an event that will go down in the Pilatus history books. ( 기타...

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Toby Sharp 0
Great Aircraft, Great Company
Wow! An aircraft company growing and giving huge bonus to their employees.
Yeah...tell me about it.. lol
nice plane; nice company. I fly a PC-12NG
rforeman 0
Still owning SN#14...purchased new 16 years ago - leaving the factory in Stans in May/'95, I congratulate Pilatus on their history making year - in the toughest economic environment in 80+ years. The results speak for themselves - creativity, hard work, persistence, awesome customer service and Swiss technological savvy = SUCCESS!! Congrats again!!!


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