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Alaska Airlines Partners with ZeroAvia to Develop World's Largest Zero Emissions Aircraft

ZeroAvia has received a Bombardier Q400 regional turboprop aircraft from Alaska Airlines in the United States, which the company will retrofit with a hydrogen-electric propulsion system. ( More...

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sparkie624 7
That is going to be interesting... Will see what they will do with it... One reason they can work with this one is because so many airlines are dumping them due to Wing Spar Corrosion Issues... Surprised they chose that plane as the Test Bed.. A Dash-8 300 High time would have been a much better choice... I do not hold much confidence in this plan, but it will be interesting to watch.
C J 1 know that a dash-8 and a Q400 are the same thing, right?
linbb -3
And so since you know nothing about why they did it to suggest they should have done something esle why post your thoughts? if they wanted to donate and put some funds also into it that makes it a win win for both sides. Kind of dumb to suggest they should use another type of AC to do so.
C J 1
Do you even read what you write on here before you click post? None of your comments make any sense.
Tim Dyck 2
The future may be hydrogen…or maybe something else. But at least trey are not trying to use heavy batteries.
Douglas Wahto 3
Alaska Airlines has always been at the forefront in development of new aviation technology providing dramatic improvements in safety, access, and efficiency to the industry. Working with Flight Dynamics to bring CAT IIIA procedures to the B-727. First to develop GPS technology with with RNP/RNAV first in Juneau, AK (PAJN). If it’s certified in Juneau it will work anywhere).
Dan Boss 2
It's a pipe dream solution to a non existent problem. Batteries are 15 times less energy density as Jet Fuel. And gaseous hydrogen is around 9-10 times less energy density as Jet Fuel. This when you consider the volumetric density of the compressed hydrogen and the weight of the tanks.

And the reason it's a non existent problem is the CO2 warming hoax is revealed in the following papers showing the warming of CO2 is 1,000 to 2,000 times less than natural water cycles:
William Bingham 1
Interesting concept, but it must succeed in the free market on its own merit without government subsidies, mandates, or other intervention. It won't keep the climate from changing.
Colin Seftel 1
Fuel cells powering electric motors will replace turbines as surely as turbines replaced pistons.
srobak 2
Not for several generations
Tim Dyck 2
It’s more readable then batteries
Tim Dyck 3
Ment to say viable but spell check and my lack of proof reading messed up that post.


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