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YouTuber who staged plane crash faces up to 20 years jail

The report notes that "he cut up the plane into small pieces, and dumped the parts in trash bins in and around Lompoc City Airport." ( More...

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I doubt this lying sack of xxxx will get the full 20 years, but I do hope he also gets a permanent revocation of his pilot's license.
Astn D 8
This is completely unacceptable for the aviation community the 20 years will be well deserved
EMK69 19
First and foremost any pilot worth his salt knew this was staged. This is one case where the Judicial system should not be lenient and ensure other stupid stunts (like switching planes w/o someone at the controls) are given some type of jail time. This fool knew exactly what he was doing and when caught went even further and disposed of the evidence.

In the same breath, I'm PO'ed at the FAA/Federal Investigators for allowing him to helo that bird out of there....telling someone not to dispose of the craft, but then not taking any action to ensure this nut would not dispose of the craft was stupid on the FAA part.

Lying to any Federal Investigator during the course of criminal investigation nets you 5-years in jail. At a minimum this idiot needs some serious jail time............sadly it won't be the last time we hear of him pulling some stupid stunt.
kenish 2
I think the crash site was in the Sespe Wilderness Area. If it was, mechanized equipment is strictly prohibited and the helo pilot may be in violation of the Wilderness Act. Even firefighters do not use chainsaws, motor vehicles, or aircraft to fight fires in WA's.
Steve Jensen 6
At least the authorities won't have to transport him too far - There is a Federal Penitentiary in Lompoc:,_Lompoc
C Singale 0
True story: as a ROTC cadet, I was on a visit to Vandenberg AFB. We took a UH-1 ride around the huge base. We could see the prison just outside the perimeter; the pilot told us: "Hey, there is a famous inmate in there now, you may have heard of him: H. R. Haldeman!" Us kids all said, "Cool! Let's drop in and say hi!" Unfortunately, we missed our chance to meet a celebrity.

What type aircraft was involved? Looks kinda like a smaller version of a J-3 Cub
kenish 3
Tk Ldr 15
A case study in how to take a bad decision and amplify it with worse ones. Sad that he had to take it so far before his lawyer slapped some sense into him.
Duane Sanders 4
Having lived in the area for a number of years I can say one of the large risks was that of a wild fire. Luckily that was not the case however that would have really been a disaster.
Now if we could please do something about the (staged) animal rescue channels on youtube.
Brian Freeman 2
Perhaps we should consider this for the next TikTok challenge...
Skip Howlett 1
What happened to the climate change hoax?
Wayne Fox 1
des quinn 1
They won't do anything, he made lots of money from his stupid stuff , just take his house & vehicle if he has any value in assets sell and use funds for AVIATION resurching.
Stuart Ashby 1
Maybe mental illness was involved??
Mental illness? Its all about $$$$$. But yes, narcissism is a factor.
Gladys Cleland 1
What a shame that people are so driven by popularity and money. Obviously this guy has some intelligence. Imagine the good he could have done for the world if he redirected his passion toward philanthropy not narcissism.

The judge will be told that according to the plea deal;
If less than 18 months, the DA will cancel the deal
If more than 2 years, the Defendant will cancel the deal.
So the judge knows if he rules anything other than 18 months to 2 years, the case goes to trial

I think Youtube should calcel Trevor's account, ending that source of income, and block him from creating any new Youtube accounts.
Youtube should send a strong statement that performing illegal acts for views can end their source of income from Youtube as it is illegal for Youtube to pay someone for doing an illegal activity (could get Youtube sued for Conspiricy)

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nobehnenogain 6
["Did he hurt anyone: NO!"]

Was there great potential for hurting/killing innocent people on the ground?: YES!
Was the whole incident preplanned/premeditated?: YES!

Show the miscreant the meaning of "By The Book".
Throw it at him!
Are you talking about the 737 Max crashes? Any folks from Boeing in prison yet? 20 years is a lot compared to executives walking away free.
jhakunti 1
Same could be said about reckless speeding. 20 years is excessive. Murderers get less time.


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