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United unveiled the next phase of its brand new flight attendant uniforms to include a name tag with the employee's pronouns

United Airlines will be one of the first major carriers to allow employees to wear pronouns on their uniforms. Flight attendants will begin wearing the new name tags and wings starting "later this year." The change is part of United's evolving uniform design, with an all-new collection rolling out in 2025. ( More...

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I can’t wait to see the tantrum videos!! Don’t shoot any airplanes please. We can all agree that they/them are innocent.
patrick baker 1
oh swell, now we get to know their names.....

Mike Mohle 1
Can I get the nametag that just reads "Normal"?
linbb 2
What in the heck? Who really cares about this stupid movement dumb post dumb way to do things. Now THEY and THOSE I think mean one person wow how has language changed. Its one small group of people who want to change the world on how gender really is. Seems they are so ashamed of there true gender, male and female they want to identify with something that does not exist or ever has. How the world has changed and not for the better. Bathrooms are for anyone of any gender now how RUDE is that.


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