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Why you’ll never fly in an airplane with those double-decker seats

Regular travelers know all too well just how uncomfortable airplanes have gotten over the last few years. Seats are narrower and offer less legroom than they have in years past, and as prices rise, thanks to the perfect storm of inflation and corporate greed, flying economy feels more like some form of modern torture to be endured than a luxurious experience. Add in the terrifying double-decker and standing-room-only seat configurations that airliners and designers are attempting to sell to the… ( More...

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sparkie624 3
LOL.. I certainly would not want to!
Cleffer 2
remember when the 747 aircraft had the "lounges upstaris for f/c passengers>.they were separate from the lower seating and on some carriers,had couch like seating,pianos and a bar to make it more of a "lounge".?.this is hardly the same are just sittiing up a bit higher than the "others" on board,and its not like sitting in a comfortable recliner in your living room!better to reo interiors with a little wider seat and a tiny bit more leg room as it used to be!!
avionik99 2
Corporate greed?? Have we not read article after article on Unions voting to strike for higher wages (greed)? Airlines operate on a very, very slim margin, it takes very little downturn for airline companies to be in deep financial trouble. Plus, add the low-cost airlines for the big guys to compete against, making ticket cost extremely low in comparison to the old days. This guy has been watching too many movies where the corporations are Always the Evil entity! Southwest/Alaska etc, have flights for $59 that's less than gas money to get there!!! I see no Greed! I see fair competition that is making ticket prices today available even to "The People of Wal-Mart" for Christ's sake! If corporate greed was such an issue, that would Never be!!
linbb -4
Well guess you dont watch this forum too often some months back this same thing appeared on here at least the double decker deal. Trolls on here are getting old along with some who over post by that I mean items that are worthless like justplanes deal with start to stop videos from the cockpit.

Bill Osborne 1
No thanks!!


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