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Over 130 Ryanair Paris Flights Cancelled Due To French Air Traffic Control Strikes

Due to the ongoing ATC strikes in France, Ryanair has been forced to cancel over 130 flights. Thousands have been left stranded at airports as employees fight the pending labor changes. ( More...

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David Waterman 1
Went to Bordeaux Saturday 1st and returned Tuesday 4th. No problems at all in France, it's a big country. The only issue was thunderstorms over northern France which impacted upon the number of flights crossing back to UK. Mind you, the terminal allocated for budget airlines such as Ryanair (would not touch them with the proverbial bargepole) and EasyJet is horrific. Nothing more than a timber frame covered in metal sheet. Virtually non existent seating in the waiting and departure areas, flight information boards which are one sided so not visible from the small cafeteria and barely discernible announcements. All this if you can follow the appalling signing for the terminal which sends you one way and then the other! I thought Berlin Shoenefeld was bad but this reached new heights.
George Stroe -1
Are people still going to France after all that's happened there? if yes then you deserve it


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