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Catalina production to restart as a turboprop.

Catalina Aircraft, holder of the Type Certificates for the 28-5ACF Catalina, today announced on Jul. 25, 2023 during Oshkosh AirVenture the rebirth of the iconic and legendary Catalina as the Catalina II Amphibious Turboprop. A production re-start program has been formalized for the Next Generation Amphibious Aircraft (NGAA) Catalina II twin turboprop amphibious flying boat, and the company is preparing to take pre-orders as part of the turboprop production re-start program ( More...

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stratofan 14
Great to see this classic reborn. Just hope it has a better sales record than the Super DC-3. Fair skies and ceilings unlimited!
patrick baker 13
like the douglas dc-3, the catalina is a timeless design that will fly just fine with turboprops, just a wee bit faster than its ancestors in WW2 and after.DC-3 has upgraded to turboprops and is a monument to forward thinking and genius design. So too this amphibian masterpiece.
coinflyer 7
Very cool! Now if only Boeing would restart production of the 314 (the famed PanAm Clipper)!
21voyageur 4
Now if Boeing could only re-start production on a new 737
I think this is great
Tom Bass 3
Fantastic! My first memory of flight was in a Texaco PBY around 1952 when I was approximately 4 years old. My family was arriving in Tucapita, Venezuela; there were no roads into the camp so the company aircraft was sole means in and out of Tucapita. When the aircraft landed on the river, the water covered the fuselage window, I started crying because I thought we were sinking. Needless-to-say, we did not sink. My next memory was being lifted from the aircraft through one of the blister turrets. Those memories have always stuck in my mind. Thank you Catalina Aircraft for bringing back such an iconic aircraft. I eventually went on to fly two iconic Air Force aircraft: C-130's and KC-135's.
sparkie624 3
Very Interesting... Look forward to what they come out with.
Al Miller 2
It would make for a great trip out to Avalon.
I think the Catalina would be the perfect offshore island-hopping carrier for some of the sightseeing or short-range airlines. But I think it could really be valuable worldwide in an amphibious wildfire capacity. It could become a super scooper and possibly have a water version and a land-based fire retardant version.
victorbravo77 2
What a beaut!

Maybe some interior carbon bits to get rid of any unnecessary 1940s corroded aluminum stuff.

And zero dihedral.
victorbravo77 1

Only Consolidated would do something like that!!
21voyageur 3
I hope their engineers are better than their graphic artists!
matt jensen 1
Looks like the CL415 we delivered to Brasilia
Rick Hein 1
Opinions please from certification experts: The Next Generation Amphibious Aircraft (NGAA) Catalina II looks like the original but "uses advanced engines and avionics" and will use "modern corrosion resistant materials". This is not the same plane. Is it just an interesting fact that Catalina Aircraft holds the Type Certificates for the original 28-5ACF Catalina? Would they in any sense be applicable to the new one, or Would the Catalina II get it's own Type Cert?
sparkie624 1
They could base it on the old one and use the old Certificate... They do not expire, however, they would probably have to do a fair amount of updates in the area of safety as a lot of requirements have changed over the years. It all really depends on how they file the paperwork when they present it. My 79 Sierra which is 40 years old, still flies on a Original FAA Approval from back in the 60's. They cold do the same here as well.
blueashflyer -2
I'd buy that for a dollar
sparkie624 1
Not me... Wait til you pay for the shipping! That sucker looks heavy!


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