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Buenos Aires Airport Hit by Violent Storm: Terminal and Boeing 737 Suffer Damage [VIDEO]

In a severe weather event early Sunday morning, Buenos Aires was hit by an extreme storm, causing widespread disruption and tragic loss of life. The storm brought intense rainfall and powerful winds, leading to significant damage throughout the city. ( More...

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websanity 12
Is it me or at the start of that video the nosewheel is pointing at an angle to the right, so not properly chocked? Maybe that was a result of the wind in the first place?
21voyageur 3
Aircraft weathervanes while the others remain stationary. Hmmm may be something to that.
Dale Johnson 1
Not chocked not tied down
There's a lot of weird stuff going on in the context of the video. One being total lack of chocks on all wheels, like you say. The wind hit the vertical stabilizer, nose wheel is turned completely perpendicular, and aircraft moves into the direction the wind is blowing. Also, why have a passenger stair so close to the plane that's overnighting, especially in any kind of stormy conditions.

1) Incident happened at Jorge Newbery (AEP) domestic airport located near to city downtown and not at the International Airport (EZE) located in the town of Ezeiza, about 20 miles West of the city.

2) Damages occurred not in the one B-737 shown on video but to another 9 B-737 stationed in the tarmac affecting about 100 flights to different cities thereafter.

3) None of the affected planes had their wheels chocked or control surfaces properly locked neither any of the ancillary equipment aroud them was properly stored or secured.

4) Violation of all safety procedures by concerned personnel is a serious situation under investigation by the Judiciary, under suspicion of had been done on purpose as a reaction to the possible privatization of the State owned airline
bentwing60 5
Well, one might take a look at what is going on right now along the Cape Hatteras NC, SC coast for a pretty potent storm.,-76.888,8

by the by 29.13 Is not a sea level pressure often seen in the absence of a hurricane anywhere.
James MORGAN -4
Blame the President !!
Chuck Lavazzi -5
Yikes. We were just in BA last month. Took a number of Aerolineas flights in Argentina. It will be interesting to see how President Milei deals with this, assuming that he does anything at all. His flavor of libertarianism doesn't really have solutions for massive natural disasters. Not ones that work, anyway.


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