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Flying Car Stocks Are Taking Off: 3 Top Picks for the Breakout Sector

Flying cars have long captured the imagination as a futuristic mode of transportation. But this sci-fi staple is now on the cusp of becoming a reality, making flying car stocks an interesting proposition for investors. After all, thanks to advancements in electric propulsion, autonomy and other key technologies, a new breed of air mobility companies aims to commercialize small passenger electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLs), more colloquially known as “flying cars.” While still… ( More...

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patrick baker 0
if you are of the opinion that folks who never went into the military and had the instruction in how to operate a m-4, ar-15 type weapon ought not to have that weapon ot in civilian life, how could you feel conmfortaable with all these testosterone males playing fighter pilot with any of these top three picks for the breaksout sector.Any aircraft flown outside of its limits will crash, stall or burn. That is simple airplane physics.
linbb -1
More investor money down the drain it will never work like its hyped up to be. There are way too many problems with dozens zooming around many going the same place at the same time obstacles that will keep that from happening.


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