Cessna 421 missing over Gulf of Mexico, en route from Texas to Florida, 5 aboard

2009년 7월 8일 수요일 18:10
Last updated 6 years ago.

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A 1979 Cessna 421 twin-piston with registration number N4467D owned by Q4 Aviation of Carrollton, TX is reported missing while crossing the Gulf of Mexico near Florida in severe weather. Tampa Bay Online (tbo.com) is reporting that there were five people aboard the aircraft.

The aircraft departed Collin County Regional Airport in McKinney, Texas (30 miles Northeast of Dallas) at 10:02am CDT for a 3h53min flight to Tampa International Airport in Western Florida.

The aircraft cruised at 21,000 feet with a ground speed between 220-240kts before beginning a descent at 1:11pm CDT. The aircraft continued to descent until the last radar position was received at 1:47pm.

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