FlightAware.com Hurricane Sandy Flight Update - Wednesday 8am ET

2012년 11월 1일 목요일 08:00
Last updated 4 years ago.
Good morning from FlightAware.com,

Relatively few (571) cancellations so far today and a busy but limited schedule a both JFK and EWR. LGA has re-opened for arrivals/departures and has begun to see a lot of arrivals, but no departures yet, as airlines bring in aircraft in an attempt to restore service.

19,729 cancellations so far this week to/from/within the US:

1,300 flights cancelled Sunday.

7,884 flights cancelled Monday.

7,074 flights cancelled Tuesday.

2,899 flights cancelled Wednesday.

572 flights cancelled Thursday (today) so far. 135 to/from EWR and 126 to/from LGA.

We may send another update this evening if the situation changes considerable. Otherwise, live updates can be obtained here: http://flightaware.com/live/cancelled


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