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Piper Apache (N40227)


Taxiing at Fullerton


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David, this one is a PA-23-250, which should make it an Aztec. That's a nice photo and thanks for sharing it with us!
davidhcrocker Photo Uploader
Yes, you made a similar comment when I posted an earlier photo of this plane and I explained to you then that FLIGHTAWARE does not allow me to enter PA-23-250 in the Aircraft Type field. It only accepts PA23. It is FLIGHTWARE that is naming the plane Apache, not I. If this concerns you so much, please address your concerns directly to FLIGHTAWARE and not me, since I have no power to rectify the situation.
My apology to you, David, for hurting your feelings... but it was Jim Gevay that made the earlier comment regarding your other photo as you reference. I never commented on that photo.

However, this photo submission was very nice and I did truly enjoy viewing it. Apparently FA's data base doesn't know where Piper started naming PA-23 types as an Aztec rather than their original name of Apache.

I appreciate your suggestion to contact FA directly, but I've never seen a FA e-mail address for such concerns. If one exist, I sure would like to know. Personally, I don't believe FA is worried with this aspect of their otherwise what is essentially a flight tracking site.
David, I'll add that perhaps a Piper "Apache" by any other name is still an "Apache"... and likewise an "Aztec"!!!
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