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Piper Tomahawk (N2563D)



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Hernan Dasso
Una hermosa fotografía. El cielo es muy colorido. La proporción de cielo y hangares es adecuada. El PA 38 luce bonito. Estaría mejor de frente. Un buen avión para instrucción inicial de vuelo.
I got about 20 hours in some of these. Also my solo. never thought much of them till I flew it. Nice little plane. My instructor was a cute aussie woman. On a checkout flight I had a big German guy with me, we were right at the end of downwind and he cut the mixture to kill the engine and said to me, what do you do now? So I just pointed the nose to the runway , we had plenty of alt, I just let it glide in and made a easy landing, he just looked at me and said, good job. Will never forget that, hope I can get back flying someday.
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