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Dave Sheehy
Very cool picture, Rod. If you click on the 2 above, the other picture of this one is a crashed pic of the same tail number from 8 years ago. How old is this shot?
Rod Craven Photo Uploader
Dave, not sure of the year, probably in the 70's. It was a 35mm slide that I scanned. I have a few from the old days.
Dave Sheehy
Looking forward to more of your scans Rod. Good stuff!
Paul Wisgerhof
A/C was destroyed in a crash at Churchill, Manitoba [CYYQ] on November 13, 1979. Reportedly lost an engine on take-off and did not make a return to the airport. No fatalities.
Ryan Kehler
Even if the photo is old, it's always nice to see my home airport make the weekly collection of pics on FlightAware. Sad to hear she met an untimely end in Churchill though. Thanks for sharing. I don't suppose you have any shots of Wardair's 747 at CYWG from long ago?
Rod Craven Photo Uploader

I don't have a photo of Wardair's 747 at CYWG but I do have PanAm's 747 at CYWG in the early 70's. Will post this weekend.
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