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실시간 전세계 항공편 교통

실시간 항공편 추적 지도를 사용하여 주변 또는 전 세계 상공을 탐색하십시오. 더 자세한 뷰를 보려면 항공기나 공항을 클릭하고, 우측 상단 모서리에 있는 레이어 아이콘을 사용하여 날씨 레이어 등을 추가하십시오.

현재 교통
비행 중 항공편
상업 항공사
일반 항공
비즈니스 항공
화물 항공사
마지막 업데이트 시간
다음 지난 기간 동안 일당 글로벌 도착 수:
상용 및 화물 항공사
일반 및 비즈니스 항공
마지막 업데이트 시간
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Delta Pilots retirement salute
Kind of a quick taxi and a short salute but, Delta Air Lines Airbus A350 N510DN pulling into the gate for a pilot retirement after operating flt 95 from AMS 8-9-22 (기타)
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Modern airplanes are outfitted with auxiliary power units (APUs) to meet the aircraft's large energy requirements while the engines are not running. This self-contained unit re (기타)
U.S. fuel retailers rail against green aviation fuel tax credit
U.S. fuel retailers are fighting the inclusion of a tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Democrats' $430 billion spending bill, arguing SAF is more carbon intense (기타)
Boeing delivers its first 787 Dreamliner after pausing for over a year
Boeing is starting to overcome one of its larger hurdles in recent memory. CNBC notes the aircraft maker has delivered its first 787 Dreamliner in over a year, supplying Americ (기타)
Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft? American Airlines Invests in ZeroAvia
Alternative-fuel sources or new technology, such as hydrogen-powered aircraft concepts, are one of several ways to reduce the aviation sector's climate impact. Aiming to achiev (기타)
Breeze Announces Expansion Into Phoenix
Travelers near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) will now be able to fly to two new destinations with Breeze Airways. The new, twice-weekly flights to Provo, Utah (기타)


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