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실시간 전세계 항공편 교통

실시간 항공편 추적 지도를 사용하여 주변 또는 전 세계 상공을 탐색하십시오. 더 자세한 뷰를 보려면 항공기나 공항을 클릭하고, 우측 상단 모서리에 있는 레이어 아이콘을 사용하여 날씨 레이어 등을 추가하십시오.

현재 교통
비행 중 항공편
상업 항공사
일반 항공
비즈니스 항공
화물 항공사
마지막 업데이트 시간
다음 지난 기간 동안 일당 글로벌 도착 수:
상용 및 화물 항공사
일반 및 비즈니스 항공
마지막 업데이트 시간
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Aviation Stats Update: May 16, 2022
"Europe has had a tough road to recovery, but in the last week (May 8-15), commercial airline traffic has reached its highest point since 2019, with an average of 22,138 airlin (기타)
Southwest Airlines proposed a ploy to deceive FAA on Boeing 737 MAX, legal filing alleges
In April 2016, when Boeing’s 737 MAX was in flight test a year ahead of its certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, Southwest Airlines made a strange proposal to (기타)
JetBlue Launches Hostile Takeover Bid to Acquire Spirit Airlines
Yet another twist occurred this morning when JetBlue launched a hostile takeover bid to win back Spirit from Frontier Airlines. JetBlue is now offering $30 per share, significa (기타)
JetBlue Launches Hostile Takeover Bid for Spirit Airlines
JetBlue Airways on Monday commenced a hostile all-cash takeover bid for Spirit Airlines, days after the discount carrier rejected an offer from the larger rival (기타)
Ryanair Calls Boeing Managers ‘Headless Chickens,’ Seeks Shakeup
Ryanair Holdings Plc Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary joined in industry criticism of Boeing Co.’s leadership, saying the company needs a shakeup as production snags aff (기타)
Lockheed Martin holding hiring event, plans to expand F-16 workforce in Greenville
Lockheed Martin is planning to add 300 people to its Greenville workforce this year to help meet the increasing demand for the F-16 Block 70/72 fighter jet being produced here. (기타)


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