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Nice pairing in a nice photo thanks Sacha

Written on 2018/06/17 by ian mcdonell

@ Peterjp5 thanks!

Written on 2018/06/17 by daniel jef

It's a Convair F-102 Delta Dagger on static display. Where was the foto taken Ed?
These were based at KPAE back in the day when it was a USAF base.

Written on 2018/06/17 by LELAND SCHMIDT

You can just see the winglet on the end of the wing.

Written on 2018/06/17 by Edward Bardes

Great series of photos Christoph and I especially like this one. I am not sure why anybody would give it a 3 stars rating.

Written on 2018/06/17 by Tony Erni

It did come from Boston, wouldn't expect them to fly Air Canada but it likely was the Red Sox

Written on 2018/06/17 by Colin Pierce

What a great pic!

Written on 2018/06/17 by Efrem DANIELI

this is a very good photo!

Written on 2018/06/17 by peterjp5

I missed this one..............I think I was drooling on the rattlesnake hill shots and missed, but 5star landing sequence on this Gman.*****

Written on 2018/06/17 by Tom Vance

danke Crazy!

Written on 2018/06/17 by Uwe Zinke


Written on 2018/06/17 by Uwe Zinke

Very nice photo and this is a Boeing E-3 Sentry,which is a modified Boeing 707/320 commercial airframe.

Written on 2018/06/17 by Tony Erni

The A/W Date on this plane is 04/21/2018, so it hasn't been in service for 2 months yet.

Written on 2018/06/17 by Tony Erni

Spartan Executive (I think)...

Written on 2018/06/17 by CHRIS ROBEY

Any idea Collin as to which sports team got off the plane.

I looked up and saw that the Phillies are playing the Red Sox only on the 26th of July.

Written on 2018/06/16 by Tony Erni

It is a wonderful view of an aircraft wing over beautiful clouds lit by sunlight! It looks great. It reflects the cameraman's high skill.

Written on 2018/06/16 by Engr Fida Ali Baigcho

Thanks Mark

Written on 2018/06/16 by Al Stiff

I love the Tinmouse. Great shot Mark.

Written on 2018/06/16 by Al Stiff

They've lowered the canopy on the gas station! Hard to believe it was too high! Nice shot Al!

Written on 2018/06/16 by Mark Thomas

I was at Tiger Field performing a photo shoot unrelated to this incident when the pilot of N9328W radioed in on approach. Since I was already there, I photographed the arrival / landing of the Cherokee. It was a routine arrival - no emergency was declared. The accident did not begin until the Piper landed. In my 34-shot sequence of photos, the front tire can be seen exploding in picture #8 and it is definitely deflating as the aircraft sweeps closely past me in pictures #18, #19, and #20. The pilot is plainly visible in those three clicks and he is obviously just beginning to react to the fact that the plane cannot be properly steered during its landing rollout. As the aircraft careened off the west edge, burrowed into the desert landscape, and came to a sliding halt, it occurred to me that I was quite fortunate to be positioned off the east edge. In my last couple of photos, the two occupants are out of the aircraft and it is apparent that both are mobile and uninjured. The crash, which took place about three hours before I posted this comment, ended the activity I had previously been photographing.

Written on 2018/06/16 by Gary Schenauer

Remember seeing this airplane flying around Great Bend, KS, in the 1940s. Guess it is still located in Tulsa. Was this the only copy, or are there more?

Written on 2018/06/16 by Ross Meyer

Whutts Zit aside from obviously being Russian? Not knockin' it just wanted know....................

Written on 2018/06/16 by Charles Peele

Thanks !

Written on 2018/06/16 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Something wrong here. The canopy. Not a single seat Spad. Methinks maybe a Queen. (four seater)

Written on 2018/06/16 by Bill Butler

sehr schön! Wahnsinn wie weit oben noch die LH da hinten im Hintergrund mit Anflug auf Nordwest ist

Written on 2018/06/16 by Fabian Dirscherl

ganz stark!

Written on 2018/06/16 by Fabian Dirscherl

The "CB" tailcode marks this Raytheon T-6A Texan II as coming from the 14 FTW (14th Flying Training Wing) at Columbus AFB near Columbus, MS. This aircraft is assigned to the 41st Flying Training Squadron, the "Flying Buzzsaws". The USAF s/n would be 06-3844 with a MSN of PT399 according to Joe Baugher's published information.

Written on 2018/06/16 by cliff731

Beautiful design.

Written on 2018/06/16 by John Wallach

Very cool plane. I remember seeing one at a CAF air show in Harlingen, TX before it crashed.

Written on 2018/06/16 by Larry Horton

dead sexy

Written on 2018/06/16 by joeuser

Beauty in motion !!

Written on 2018/06/16 by Andrea Gentilini

Wonderful livery !!

Written on 2018/06/16 by Andrea Gentilini

excellent caption

Written on 2018/06/16 by Ivan Blakely

Thanks Rich.

Written on 2018/06/16 by John Marotta

Lovely aircraft, gold really suits the PC12! Great photo!!

Written on 2018/06/16 by Jordan Williams

Thanks Kerry. It's a great shot!

Written on 2018/06/16 by CHRIS ROBEY

Nice picture!!!

Written on 2018/06/16 by nycslc1

Nice picture!

Written on 2018/06/16 by nycslc1

This is a cool picture!!!

Written on 2018/06/16 by nycslc1

I thought that's Howard Perdue Reno racer#14 and man that plane could haul the mail

Written on 2018/06/16 by fdrasby

This is mint!

Written on 2018/06/16 by Rich Barnett

Thanks, Chris.

Written on 2018/06/16 by Kerry Ahearn

Our tax dollars at work, let's elect someone willing to read?

Written on 2018/06/15 by Doug Cook


Written on 2018/06/15 by Karl Leite

At first I thought it was a spaceship! very nice photo!

Written on 2018/06/15 by peterjp5

Ooops! This is a B24 Liberator. She has a nose gear, whereas the Fortress has a tailwheel.

Written on 2018/06/15 by CHRIS ROBEY

@tTYSspotter74 go out on tuesday and thursday evenings and they will start doing touch and goes, or sometimes in the morning they do it.

Written on 2018/06/15 by Grant Bush

Photshop is a good tool but it should not be used in this forum.

Written on 2018/06/15 by Pat Lollis

The moon was not full for the Ilopango Airshow for 2018. It was actually closer to a new moon. I would suggest that this is a put together photo where the moon was added to this photo of the Airbus if this photo was actually taken a.t the airshow. Just a question.

Written on 2018/06/15 by Pat Lollis

Interesting red and yellow horizontal stripes on the tail, similar to the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam.

Written on 2018/06/15 by James Anderson

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