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beefy props

Written on 2017/06/22 by blueashflyer

I'm not sure exactly who was on this charter, but I suspect it was for the 2017 Health & Wellness Expo being held that weekend which brings in health professionals from all over. The flight originated from Houston.

Written on 2017/06/22 by Brian Carlin

Enjoying the photos of NL7227C but a more informative caption would be helpful.

Written on 2017/06/22 by Mark Harris

Very nice picture! Not a usual picture of a B17!

Written on 2017/06/22 by Raymond Puff

Interesting that this bird is registered as "Experimental - Research and Development."

Written on 2017/06/22 by Paul Wisgerhof

N69 belongs to the FAA. It is used for navigation testing.

Written on 2017/06/22 by Paul Wisgerhof

Thanks Derek !

Written on 2017/06/22 by John Marotta

Thank you! Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself there.

Written on 2017/06/22 by Brian Carlin

I definitely wish the MD-11 had been a greater success as a passenger aircraft. All series of the 777 are excellent, but in my opinion, the MD-11 is much more majestic.

Written on 2017/06/21 by Eric Schminke

Great photo guido

Written on 2017/06/21 by sam kuminecz

Tks Mark

Written on 2017/06/21 by Dirk Fierens

Same Sabreliner two months ago... photo uploaded by FA member Brian Carlin...

Written on 2017/06/21 by cliff731

A more recent photo of Sabreliner, N47SE, uploaded today by Guido Warnecke.

Written on 2017/06/21 by cliff731

What a classic! she even comes equipped with an under the belly speedbrake...

Written on 2017/06/21 by CHRIS ROBEY

Very nice! Looks like you had fun over there.

Written on 2017/06/21 by rwb2112

BEHOLD, THE giant flying Butt! You got to tell me that the two airships swen together look like a giant butt!

Written on 2017/06/21 by Jack Hosier

NASAs new economical way to the new Frontier! Great composition!

Written on 2017/06/21 by Joseph Corieri

Yes Mark, this photo was shot from the Renaissance hotel which was very enjoyable and I highly recommend. This particular shot was with a aps-c sensor camera and FE 70-300mm(450mm equivalent), but others are a full frame camera & 150-600mm lens like what Todd mentioned. Definitely a very fun weekend getaway for us spotters.

Written on 2017/06/21 by Brian Carlin


Written on 2017/06/21 by sam kuminecz

Great shot John

Written on 2017/06/21 by Derek Marshall

That's actually a Bellanca Viking.

Written on 2017/06/21 by Robert Macon

I have shot from the hotel using a camera with a full size image face(no crop factor) and used all of my 150-600mm lens, also ask for a room on at least the 5th floor or you will have to deal with light standards in you shots

Written on 2017/06/21 by Todd Royer

Beautiful Picture, keep it up.

Written on 2017/06/21 by MalteseAviator

Interesting livery. Nice shot.

Written on 2017/06/21 by Dick Nieuwendyk

Great shot

Written on 2017/06/21 by Dick Nieuwendyk

Brian, did you take this from the hotel? If so, what focal length? Just curious, was planning a visit there myself.

Written on 2017/06/21 by Mark Thomas

Over which city?

Written on 2017/06/21 by Corentin ALTHERR

According to Joe Baugher's published information, this C-17A Globemaster III is msn 50127, line number F126, and was assigned USAF s/n 03-3119. It was named "The Spirit of G.V. Sonny Montgomery" and serves with the 183rd Airlift Squadron of the 172nd Airlift Wing of the Mississippi ANG, based at Thompson Field ANG Base, Jackson, MS.

Written on 2017/06/20 by cliff731

Thanks. It was my first time spotting something at Sig. South. Very limited angles

Written on 2017/06/20 by Brian Carlin

What a classic!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Andy Gong

Maryland State Police

Written on 2017/06/20 by dlmoes

Of course, she wasn't a 580 that day in the early/mid 1950's, maybe a 440?

Written on 2017/06/20 by CHRIS ROBEY

Nice, did not know this one was out there. Thanks for the photo.

Written on 2017/06/20 by Scott Gist

Good memories of this classic team. Love the old A-4s

Written on 2017/06/20 by Scott Gist

Beautiful Jet Jim. I am truly happy for you.Hope to see you soon.

Written on 2017/06/20 by Joel Jandreau

Wow! Just WOW!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Scott Gist

It was the first retail delivery... December 31st 2015!

They delivered one to themselves, (their Marketing Department) a week before, to make sure there was a 2015 delivery, but this was number 1 in retail deliveries.

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mark Leavitt

nice landing

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mr.C filice

RAF FAIRFORD Gloucestershire UK,there were 3 B1's and 2 B52's on the Airfield at the same time, all have now left and gone back Stateside.. its ALWAYS good to see US aircraft in and over the UK...!!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Allan Hickman

I bet this CV-580 is in even better condition than the day it rolled off the Convair production line equipped with piston engines...

Written on 2017/06/20 by CHRIS ROBEY

Nice set of pix. Curious as to where were they taken but I probably know why you didn't list it. Two thumbs-up!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Ed Jones

Willem - This is a P-40C and would be a Tomahawk IIB in U.K. service. It was built by Curtiss (c/n 16161) and assigned USAAC s/n 41-13357 according to Joe Baugher's published information. This aircraft was eventually shipped to the former Soviet Union as part of the Lend-Lease program.

It also should show up on the U.K. Civil Aircraft Registry as G-CIIO.

Thanks for sharing this excellent photo with us!

Written on 2017/06/20 by cliff731

Yes, Storms over Toronto made fights circle because of ground stop at YYZ. This flight originated at London gatwick and had to land...he got fuel and customs and went back to Toronto an hour later

Written on 2017/06/20 by sam kuminecz

Thank you Andre!

Written on 2017/06/20 by warthog84

Gorgeous shot John!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mark Thomas

I'm guessing that's not a regular in Buffalo, Sam? Was this the weather diversion from the other day?

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mark Thomas

That's a nice shot Dirk!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mark Thomas

There's something you don't see everyday!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mark Thomas

Thanks Dave! She really stands out on the airfield!

Written on 2017/06/20 by Mark Thomas

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