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Your standing in my footprints x5 many shot just like fog....x5......awesome shot x5! ...I have N194UA also many times at SFO nice that you have it at RNO...neat story same jet years apart and especially since RNO gets so few 747s

Written on 2021/04/13 by Tom Vance

Spraying for bugs?

Naaaa. Celebrating Earth Day....

Written on 2021/04/13 by James Simms

Love the Big 10's and that is a great photo!

Written on 2021/04/13 by Tom Glass

I want to visit this location for a long time!!!

Written on 2021/04/13 by Jeroen Stroes

Wasn't planning on the rain coming back (as evidenced by the other 3 photos taken from yesterday) but... a photographer's gotta do what a photographer's gotta do to get the shots... thanks for your support!

Written on 2021/04/13 by D.B. Warren

Love the blue angels

Written on 2021/04/13 by Nate Tobik


Written on 2021/04/13 by Nate Tobik

Love Pan Am planes!!
This is soooo cool!

Written on 2021/04/13 by Nate Tobik

Howdy, Tom ... (Wave) ... Initially, I had planned to post this old "Flashback" pic of mine two days ago. However, when I saw that "N828AW" was scheduled to make a PHX-RNO run yesterday evening and then fly out this morning to DFW (at this moment it is enroute) I decided to post it now. (Grin) Yeah, I know; there's no real "significance" except to me but that's the way I work. (lol)
Hey, since you mentioned plane models, perhaps you can steer me in the right direction. I've been trying to find a model, preferably "centerpiece" size, of a Mohawk Convair, either a Cosmopolitan 240 or a Metropolitan 440, in MOH's black-and-gold-on-white Air Chief livery. I found one once but it was not a Convair; it was a FH-227 like the one in the pic I posted yesterday. If you might know where I should look, I'd appreciate getting a nudge toward that site.
Best Wishes. And Be Safe. Gary "RNOOldeCarl" ( )

Written on 2021/04/13 by Gary Schenauer

This livery has received quite a lot of exposure over the years. There was even a model of it offered, now on ebay:

With history going as far back as to include the Piedmont Speedbird!

Written on 2021/04/13 by Tom Glass

Interesting composition.

Written on 2021/04/13 by Tom Glass

Nice shot and catch Gary! I just got this bird myself departing BOS.

Written on 2021/04/13 by Darryl Sarno

The LTV A-7 Corsair II is an American carrier-capable subsonic light attack aircraft designed and manufactured by Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV).

The A-7 was developed during the early 1960s as replacement for the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. Its design is derived from the Vought F-8 Crusader; in comparison with the F-8, the A-7 is both smaller and restricted to subsonic speeds, its airframe being simpler and cheaper to produce.

The look-alike A-8 used an innovative aspect of the design was the variable-incidence wing

Written on 2021/04/13 by a mentor

That's the Grumman A-7 Corsair II. A variant is from LTV

Written on 2021/04/13 by a mentor

This wasn't a "poor" livery scheme, but the other one that came later was definitely more vibrant.

Written on 2021/04/13 by Gary Schenauer

U.S.S. Yorktown Museum at Patriots Point in Charleston S.C.

Written on 2021/04/13 by Tim Altenhoff

Very well executed photo. Nice job!

Written on 2021/04/13 by Jason Apol

wow cool

Written on 2021/04/13 by Bob Smith

Beautuful Shot!

Written on 2021/04/13 by Diana Rose

Written on 2021/04/13 by jesse kyzer

Gary, I love this shot. The Mohawk FH-227 about to board her pax looks to be maybe 3 feet longer than the F27's that I flew in the early 1980's. Also, we did not have the advantage of an airstair door for the aft cabin entry. Our empty weight was 28,000 pounds, but with that aft airstair the Mohawk 227's would have been a bit heavier. The EAL L188 parked at Gate 9 is in Eastern's all time classic livery.

Written on 2021/04/13 by CHRIS ROBEY


Written on 2021/04/13 by parkerlawncare

Awesome photo

Written on 2021/04/13 by Bob Smith

there's no doubt she's gonna mark the aviation history!!

Written on 2021/04/12 by Jose Correa

Nice shot!

Written on 2021/04/12 by Eric Shepherd

This was one of four Chinooks that made a RON stay at RNO.

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

As is obvious by the above info, this one has changed hands a few times in the 12 years after I took this pic.

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

Koson ... Photo quality is fine, but you should never have posted this one. I'm certain you only meant to post a photo showing an unusual activity but at some point you will discover that posting this was a mistake. I'm sure you don't know why (if you DID know why, you would never have posted it). This one single photo reveals more than one fact about you - none of which will benefit you as an aviation photographer around here. To be frank, you shot yourself in the foot and crippled yourself badly when you posted this. So here is an unsolicited suggestion to you from a guy who has lived here and done aviation photography around here for over a quarter century: even tho the quality of this shot is great, have this one DELETED from your folder and never post another one like it again. (YW and a Thumbs Up)

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

... and another 5 * view .... Bravos.

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

Superb capture! You used the inclement conditions to your advantage and caught an outstanding reflection. So many photogs use that PS feature that creates the (obviously) fake water puddle reflection, but there is nothing phoney about THIS pic. Kudos for being out there to get this outstanding snap. Filling in Five; would fill more if there were more. ***** ++ !

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

At present, Delta is the only passenger carrier that uses B757 equipment at RNO.

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

Just a beautiful plane, the 757

Written on 2021/04/12 by George Pepe

Great Catch Jeroen. Thanks for posting. Not every day you get to see a DC-8-62 anymore!

Written on 2021/04/12 by John Giambone

This is a Douglas C.54Q, not a DC-7.

Written on 2021/04/12 by Russell Brown

Makes one smile. Thanks!

Written on 2021/04/12 by Dan Little

Definitely a poor Q pic, which is partly due to the fact that I enlarged it before posting it. I had used PS to restore the original color to it; I had briefly considered converting it to B & W but I decided to try and resurrect the color because I have always liked Mohawk's black and gold livery and also Eastern's colors from that era. The print does look less "choppy" in its original smaller size but that Eastern Electra in the background at Gate 9 is a little easier to see in this enlarged version.

Written on 2021/04/12 by Gary Schenauer

this is what happens when you trip with paint buckets in your hands :giggle:

Written on 2021/04/12 by a mentor

@jim wasson; I too recall the Grumman Goose takeoff/landing in Avalon Bay at Catalina IS, USA (20mi off Long Beach, CA). It was a real hoot to see one circle the bay and flop into the water -- good times.

Written on 2021/04/12 by a mentor

Thanks PLC !

Written on 2021/04/12 by JM32

Thanks PLC. !

Written on 2021/04/12 by JM32

Bu No 166379. Gulfstream NC-37B, VX-30 Sq 'The Bloodhounds', Point Mugu NAS, CA

Written on 2021/04/12 by Shaun Irvine

Cessna or Piper thats the question

Written on 2021/04/12 by Tony Silverstrå

Cessna or Piper thats the question, even rockvell comander is Nice

Written on 2021/04/12 by Tony Silverstrå


Written on 2021/04/12 by parkerlawncare


Written on 2021/04/12 by parkerlawncare

Nice one, thanks John

Written on 2021/04/12 by parkerlawncare

Well I hope they also donated all maintenance and fuel to go with this

Written on 2021/04/11 by avionik99

Beautiful red rock country!

Written on 2021/04/11 by Paul Gedge

That is a Cessna 310 not a 340. The step hanging down is the tell tale.

Written on 2021/04/11 by LTerrill

Como esquecer desta aeronave, muito triste!

Written on 2021/04/11 by Eduardo Nogueira Castelo Branco

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