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Written on 02/24/2024 by Félix Richard

@ warmwynds yea your right thanks

Written on 02/24/2024 by daniel jef

@ Bret Rings thats right thank you

Written on 02/24/2024 by daniel jef

@ adelma thank you!!

Written on 02/24/2024 by daniel jef


Written on 02/24/2024 by Joseph Handelman

TJ says nice paint.

Written on 02/24/2024 by Michael Carden

I see that she is finally off the ground at New Haven. I hope whoever is flying her treats her as the Queen she is. PS to new owner/pilot: you have room and cuisine at FD72 if you are in the area, stop by.

Written on 02/24/2024 by Mary Fleagle

Stunning takeoff!

Written on 02/24/2024 by YetAnotherPlanespotter

Sweet shot.

Written on 02/24/2024 by David Plummer

Great shot, John.

Many years ago, I worked a FedEx MD-11 at the Indy hub. Left Indy for Anchorage and then Tokyo, I was an international checker for the containers going to Tokyo. I will never forget just how big these birds are when looking up at them from the ramp. It is a totally different perspective than looking out at an aircraft from a passenger terminal gate.

Written on 02/24/2024 by David Plummer

Nasty day but fantastic picture.

Written on 02/24/2024 by David Plummer

Great picture!

Written on 02/24/2024 by Gunnar Hanson

love this. miss hand flying. rock solid stability going to minimum's

Written on 02/24/2024 by cougardad

Landed at airport code 'CL45'.

Written on 02/24/2024 by pdx650

To Ed Jones: This photo was taken Canon 7D + Sigma 150-600.
I am currently shooting with Eos R6 and Sigma 60-600. ;-)

Written on 02/24/2024 by Pavel Hon

J-062 - General Dynamics F-16AM Fighting Falcon - Netherlands - Air Force

Written on 02/24/2024 by Pavel Hon

Great shot!!!!!!!!!

Written on 02/24/2024 by Florian Badura

What date was this photos taken?

Written on 02/24/2024 by Lars Baek

Great shot! What are you shooting with?

Written on 02/24/2024 by Ed Jones

Very nice composition John. 5*

Written on 02/24/2024 by Dave Sheehy

Chuck Pergiel - With the red/white checkerboard on the tail, I'm guessing Polish.

Written on 02/24/2024 by Al Miller

Yes, final approach to the sea plane base at VRMM.

Written on 02/24/2024 by Kay West

Another beauty of a pic John.....
blowing snow & buildings really give the pic action and perspective.

Written on 02/24/2024 by ken kemper

Nice broadside of a 757 John....

At ATW I'm sure I have been under the plane at least several times loading it before its either Indy or Memphis departure.

Written on 02/24/2024 by ken kemper


You made a cool photo out of the crummy conditions just the same. Great job.

Written on 02/24/2024 by ken kemper


Great photo favorite one of the week.

Written on 02/24/2024 by ken kemper

Western only had -200s. The number 2 engine intake on the -200 is round and slightly elevated above the fuselage, the -100 intake is more oval shaped and the bottom of that intake becomes part of the fuselage. If is more obvious from straight on but you can actually see in this picture that there is a gap there. The 2 doors over the wing is a give away but the reason for that is the longer fuselage and the need for more exits because of the more passengers. I flew all three seats on this fleet and logged about 6,000 hours. Great plane - “check essential” will bring back memories for those that flew it— dan

Written on 02/24/2024 by Daniel McElroy

Exactly, an autogyro or "Gyrocopter", type: AutoGyro Europe MTOsport

Written on 02/24/2024 by stratrevival

Left side spoiler coming up to counter the runway crosswind at Centennial CO.

Written on 02/24/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

Do we know if there are any SP's still flying? I came across this nice 11 year old photo taken at KSBD...

Written on 02/24/2024 by CHRIS ROBEY

The plane pictured here is A6-EVF*

Written on 02/23/2024 by Ryder Lee

I flew an Air National Guard C-27 out of Tarin Kowt in 2012. The guys flying drove it like they stole it. It is (or was I guess) like a sports car and they had no issue with an unrestricted climb out of TK....and no issue trying to make the Army guys in the back see their lunch for a second time. Great flight, wish the AF still had 27s.

Written on 02/23/2024 by Justin Smith

February 11th I believe

Written on 02/23/2024 by ginervra

Whose airplane is this?

Written on 02/23/2024 by Chuck Pergiel

Bringing back memories from quite a while ago!

Written on 02/23/2024 by Garry Nielsen

Do you know what date this one was as well? Trying to see if I was flying that trip! :)

Written on 02/23/2024 by Chris Gregg

Do you know what date this was taken?

Written on 02/23/2024 by Chris Gregg

I was 727-200 qual'd at the original PanAm and at UAL

Written on 02/23/2024 by nigel leader

I do not see any rear exit doors...I think it is a -100. Rear exit doors differentiate the -100 from a -200

Written on 02/23/2024 by nigel leader

My father worked for Western Air Lines from May 1947 until March of 1986 in flight operations - dispatch. He loved the airline, I remember going to the company Christmas Party for years as a little kid. Also remember the day the Douglas M-2 was displayed at a special event just before it was given to the Smithsonian where it is now on display. For many years it was stored in one the the hangers.

Written on 02/23/2024 by jpklecker

Interesting that the paint stripe on the fin doesn't extend onto the rudder?

Written on 02/23/2024 by adelma

Two over-wing exits; it's an 800 or 900 . . .

Written on 02/23/2024 by adelma

Nice shot of a very interesting STOL aircraft; also made as a twin. Almost looks like the wing was glued on as an afterthought.

Written on 02/23/2024 by adelma

Thanks for the Memories!
I worked for Western 55 years ago. My Favorite Airline job.

Written on 02/23/2024 by DARRELL BENNER

Great shot of a beautiful airplane!!

Written on 02/23/2024 by adelma

It's not a "Snowbird", it's a "Waterbird"... lol

Written on 02/23/2024 by Robert Fleury

B738, as shown in the Activity Log below.

Written on 02/23/2024 by Samuel Bixler

DH8D, per the Activity Log below

Written on 02/23/2024 by Samuel Bixler

They had 4 flights a day out of Calgary Alberta CYYC in the 70's and early 80's.

Written on 02/23/2024 by Larry Stock

I have many hours as Captain on this WAL 727, ship 822. It's the screen saver on my iMac.

Written on 02/23/2024 by 767captain


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