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Dual registration?

Written on 2021/08/05 by jbermo

Nice one thanks John borse

Written on 2021/08/05 by parkerlawncare

Good one, thanks John, all 3 currently on the ground @ KBOS.

Written on 2021/08/05 by parkerlawncare

Outstanding shot! Love the props - and they are in synch!!!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Robert Bryan

I simply just love this airplane!!!!!! I probably have been to that exact location many times in my life. I only wish that I would have flown there on that incredible plane!!!!! That Cessna is one for the ages!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Michael Glumack

Bill Medlin, you must have been in flight training around the same time as Capt. John MCcain. You are among a long list of Navy pilots that logged their first "trap" aboard the Old Antietam. Also during those years many Midshipman from the Naval Academy served aboard Antietam for their annual cruises. As for leading your 4 ship flight back to Pensacola, I trust the intervals were 4.0! GO NAVY!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Chris Croft

@ warmwynds am just loving it!!!

Written on 2021/08/04 by daniel jef

A very nice shot !

Really like the simplicity, high contrast and balance.

Written on 2021/08/04 by James Wisely

Hi Tamas
Would you provide this picture to my for my private photo album? Would you get some tip for it?
Kindest regards, Remo

Written on 2021/08/04 by Remo Keller

Other photos said the same, probably should've researched a bit more. But thank you!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Jason Mandeville

Jacob, I believe this is my shot. I already posted it. In fact, it was selected as one of the photos of the day. Are you the pilot?

Written on 2021/08/04 by John Giambone

Cool Shot Gordon!

Written on 2021/08/04 by John Giambone

So Cool, even to be in the shadow of this great beast. DJ * * * * *

Written on 2021/08/04 by warmwynds

Thank you Tom !!

Written on 2021/08/04 by ken kemper

Beautiful catch!!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Kevci4

Outstanding shot! I was at AirVenture as well

Written on 2021/08/04 by Heatseekerws6

Great shot!

Written on 2021/08/04 by wavebuff

Beautiful lineup!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Tom Glass

MAybe more like a Sea Fury rather than a Commander! But love the photo. I think this one goes to Oshkosh about every year.

Written on 2021/08/04 by Tom Glass

232? Looks nice!

Written on 2021/08/04 by Tom Glass

To Chalet: it essentially the same engine as in the B-17…maybe you like the sound of 4 instead of 1. Have you ever been near a T-28 while it’s engine is running? If you have not, maybe you should before you pass judgment. Have you ever flown one?

Written on 2021/08/04 by John Webb

Interesting that a multi million dollar high tech plane using a low tech 2 cent rubber band to hold a paper card in place ;-)

Nice photo.

Written on 2021/08/03 by James Wisely

Being close to YXX I see Conairs equipment regularly. My favourite has to be the Electra. Sounds awesome.

Written on 2021/08/03 by John moffitt

I love this conversion and since I live in Abbotsford, I see them regularly

Written on 2021/08/03 by John moffitt

A delightful piece of nostalgia. Thanks.

Written on 2021/08/03 by John moffitt

Awesome Shots!

Written on 2021/08/03 by Diana Rose

Great Shot...a much need reminder.

Written on 2021/08/03 by Diana Rose

Video frequency? THKS

Written on 2021/08/03 by The Mikey Mike channel

Sharp looking aircraft. Nice shot Gordon.

Written on 2021/08/03 by John Giambone

Amazing A/C. Possibly the best ever designed , produced and used. Ive seen one that has over 65,000 hrs flight time. What other type A/C can match this?

Written on 2021/08/03 by Thomas Musticchi

I do believe you're right. Thank you!

Written on 2021/08/03 by Chris Collinsworth

History records significant status to the C-47

The C-47 differed from the civilian DC-3 in numerous modifications, including being fitted with a cargo door, hoist attachment, and strengthened floor, along with a shortened tail cone for glider-towing shackles, and an astrodome in the cabin roof.

During World War II, the armed forces of many countries used the C-47 and modified DC-3s for the transport of troops, cargo, and wounded. The U.S. naval designation was R4D. More than 10,000 aircraft were produced in Long Beach and Santa Monica, California and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Between March 1943 and August 1945, the Oklahoma City plant produced 5,354 C-47s.

The C-47 was fundamental in the Berlin Airlift of Jun 24, 1948 – May 12, 1949

Written on 2021/08/03 by a mentor

isn't it the PA-22 Tri-Pacer

Written on 2021/08/03 by a mentor

Lookup the Akron and the Macon. The Macon was stationed at Moffett Field, Sunnyvale, CA.

The wreck site of the USS Macon on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean, off Point Sur south of San Francisco, has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. More details are available at the website of NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Written on 2021/08/03 by a mentor

I remember flying on these in the 1970's as a feeder to Denver. Great plane and solid as a rock. Reminded me of the C-130s I was a crew mwmber on in 'Nam.

Written on 2021/08/03 by Alan Brown

Great shot of this funny painted (or pasted?) Skyvan! But a nightmare for every model builder ;)

Written on 2021/08/03 by stratrevival

Hey thank you Tom.............

A phenomenal work horse

Written on 2021/08/03 by ken kemper

Elijah Hunter Thanks!

Written on 2021/08/03 by Hayley Shaw

Nice shot of late F model Aztec, two seven foxtrot mike in San Juan PR.

Written on 2021/08/03 by CHRIS ROBEY

The spinner gives it away, it is a T6-G bearing a more visibility openess canopy.

Written on 2021/08/02 by chalet

After 30 years of service n333lf is offically retired from the Geisinger Health Systems Life Flight program as of July 30,2021. This aircraft will be missed and we thank it for its many years of saving lives.

Written on 2021/08/02 by John Justin

I wish I could give this 6 or 7 stars. This is exceptional.

Written on 2021/08/02 by Ryan Klackle

Jim Tyson, thanks for setting the record straight regarding my previous comments.Believe me, I don't feel an ounce of disappointment in your response. Regardless of which fleet or squadron you served, the fact that you were fortunate enough to fly such an historic aircraft in the Navy must be very satisfying. Let's face it Jim, there's not too many of you old timers left. As previously mentioned your family should take down an oral history of your Naval service. It"s important that your service is remembered. Sincerely, your Shipmate, Chris.

Written on 2021/08/02 by Chris Croft

Not again This is a Sonex Subsonex JSX-2

Written on 2021/08/02 by andré belleau

This is one of my favorite planespotting shots ever!

Written on 2021/08/02 by Brad Leinberger

Mr. Wulfson, perhaps you should spend less time looking at children's books and read about the US Navy/Marine Corps Dirigible-Balloon pilot program. The Navy issued Dirigible/Balloon pilot wings from 1922 and well into the 1970's. They may not be fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft but these lighter than air platforms have historically contributed a lot to aviation.

Written on 2021/08/02 by Chris Croft

Seems like a lot of activity in Zweibrucken lately. That base was closing down by the time I got to Ramstein in '92. I'm glad to see the airfield is at lest still active.

Written on 2021/08/02 by Larry Toler


Written on 2021/08/02 by Harrinandhaan Sathish Kumaar Nirmala

Most all C-47/DC-3 photos get 5-Stars!

Written on 2021/08/02 by Tom Glass

Sam Bixler, good catch, yes, CVG, I wasn't paying attention...freudian slip. Corrected, thank you!

Written on 2021/08/02 by John Giambone


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