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Boeing and the Dark Age of American Manufacturing

Somewhere along the line, the plane maker lost interest in making its own planes. Can it rediscover its engineering soul? (www.theatlantic.com) More...

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FAA investigating near collision of two jets at Reagan National Airport

Two passenger jets came within 400 feet of each other before controllers took last-minute evasive action and immediately stopped the two planes. It’s not clear why the jets were authorized to be on the same runway at the same time. (wtop.com) More...

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FAA will require more rest for air traffic controllers

"There are 1,000 fewer certified air traffic controllers working today than a decade ago, according to NATCA. As a result, many air traffic facilities are short-staffed, union president Rich Santa told a Senate subcommittee in November. Mandatory overtime — including six-day workweeks and 10-hour shifts — are routine, he said." (www.npr.org) More...

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FAA Issues Ground Stop Advisory for Alaska Airlines

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop advisory on Wednesday for Alaska Airlines, saying: "All Alaska mainline and subcarrier flights ground stopped." (www.msn.com) More...


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