• 12

Atlas Air inks 747 freighter contract with FedEx

FedEx doesn't operate 747s of its own, but has a big contractor that does. (www.freightwaves.com) 기타...

  • 15

United Airlines employees sue company over its 'draconian' COVID vaccine mandate

Attorneys argue United Airlines' handling of its new vaccine rule violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (www.foxbusiness.com) 기타...

  • 9

Lufthansa Wants To Be The Launch Customer For Airbus’ ZEROe

This time last year, Airbus revealed three concept aircraft, presently going by the name of ZEROe. (simpleflying.com) 기타...

  • 11

Airbus Gains Confidence in 2035 Goal to Deliver Hydrogen Plane

Airbus SE is growing increasingly confident it can build a hydrogen-powered plane that’s ready to enter service by its target date of 2035. (www.bnnbloomberg.ca) 기타...

  • 6

The A380 Will be Back in Brazil! Find Out the Resume Date!

The A380 aircraft will fly the Dubai-São Paulo route by the Emirates airline and will be the only airline to operate the A380 aircraft to Brazil and South America... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) 기타...

  • 5

AVIC’s PW150C termination puts MA700 in engine limbo

The AVIC Xian Aircraft MA700 turboprop faces an uncertain future following the termination of a relationship with Pratt & Whitney Canada for the PW150C engine. (africapearl.com) 기타...

  • 10

FAA Asks Airlines to 'Take More Action' in Curbing Unruly Passenger Incidents

The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday urged representatives of major U.S. airlines to come up with ways they can do more to help stop the surge of reported "unruly" passenger incidents – and asked them to lay out those plans in a matter of days. (www.foxbusiness.com) 기타...

  • 4

Delta CEO Sees a Place for Boeing’s 737 MAX in Fleet

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian sees a “place” for the Boeing 737 Max at the carrier as it looks for opportunistic deals to reshape its fleet over the next decade. This would be Delta’s first major Boeing order in a decade. (airlineweekly.com) 기타...


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