• 14

Delta Pilot Charters Entire A330 for Retirement Send-Off

One captain took his retirement flight to a whole new level. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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Wright-Patt AFB Hit by Suspected Tornado

Wright-Patt AFB near Dayton, OH was hit by a suspected tornado early this morning. A severe weather outbreak battered the region overnight, signaling an early start to the spring severe weather season. Wright-Patterson is home to the National Museum of the USAF, and home of the 88th Air Base Wing. A hangar at the museum was damaged. (avgeekery.com) More...

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Southwest Halts 2024 Pilot Hiring Plans

In an internal memo, the airline said it would be pausing pilot new hire classes in 2024. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

  • 17

Boeing Faces 90-Day Deadline for Action Plan Addressing Quality Control Issues

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has assigned Boeing 90 days to come up with a plan to fix quality problems and meet safety standards for the production of new planes, less than two months after a door plug blew out of a 737 MAX, nine minutes into an Alaska Airlines flight. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

  • 30

When a Wing Comes Apart

Or, more accurately, when it doesn't. Ask the Pilot takes a look at the UAL 757 incident. (askthepilot.com) More...

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Do you know how to fly safely? The 'why' behind airline safety rules | Cruising Altitude

I fly a lot and it always drives me crazy when people aren’t following the safety instructions on planes and it got me thinking: maybe some travelers just don’t know why the rules and guidelines for what to do on airplanes are in place. Regular flyers have heard the safety briefing a thousand times but may never have looked under the hood at the reasons behind every instruction. Two things in particular always stuck out to me: why does it matter if you put your own oxygen mask on before helping… (www.usatoday.com) More...

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World's First Intercity Air Taxi Flight Travels From Shenzhen to Zhuhai, Operated by AutoFlight

German-Chinese electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) startup AutoFlight completed the world's first electric air taxi demonstration flight between two cities. The flight went from Shenzhen to Zhuhai in China's Guangdong province on February 27. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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CycloTech Raises €20 Million in Funding for its Innovative Aviation Propulsion System

Austrian aviation technology company CycloTech recently secured €20 million ($21.6 million) in financing to develop its flight propulsion technology. The investment was announced on February 28, only a few weeks after the company announced plans to raise funding. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Emirates Airlines president doubts Boeing can deliver aircraft by end of 2025

Emirates Airlines President Tim Clark expressed doubts on Thursday about whether the company would get its order of Boeing BA.N aircraft by the end of next year and said the U.S. planemaker needed to "make changes". (www.nasdaq.com) More...

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Tool Found At LAX In Qantas Airbus A380 Engine After 1 Month Missing

Australian investigators have disclosed that mechanics found a tool inside a Qantas Airbus A380 engine after it has been missing for a month at LAX. (simpleflying.com) More...


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