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A Southwest Airlines Landing Was So Hard It Fractured A Flight Attendant's Spine

The short runway at SNA means crew aim for less "floating" of the aircraft - this time it resulted in a flight attendant being evacuated by paramedics (simpleflying.com) 기타...

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Russian sanctioned airlines disassemble aircraft for spare parts

A group of Russian airlines is stripping planes of spare parts as sanctions implemented due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine impact the country. (asiaplustj.info) 기타...

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Southwest and JetBlue Jets Collide at LaGuardia

Passengers on JetBlue flight 2519 were in for a scare Sunday morning when their flight to New Orleans (MSY) collided during pushback with a parked Southwest aircraft. The incident took place at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) around 9:40 am. Only the JetBlue aircraft contained passengers at the time, and fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident. (aeroxplorer.com) 기타...

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Qantas Wants 100 Execs To Work As Ground Handlers For 3 Months

Qantas is asking 100 executives and senior managers to swap the soft office seats and personal assistants for a three-month spell as a ground handler. The embattled airline has put an HQ SOS out, asking for volunteers. The temporary work placements will run for 90 days on a five-day-a-week basis, although there is no suggestion the executives will receive the same low weekly wage as the permanent ground handling crews. (www.msn.com) 기타...

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Arajet Opens Bookings With First Flights From September 15

Dominican Republic-based low cost carrier Arajet has finally started accepting bookings to a number of destinations out of Santo Domingo (SDQ). (www.gatechecked.com) 기타...

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Over 12,000 Flights Delayed or Canceled in the U.S. Over the Weekend

The summer or air travel discontent knows no boundaries. It does not discriminate nor does it give preference...or charity... (skygofly.com) 기타...

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Mercado Libre's new S. American air cargo network mirrors Amazon model

Online retail giant Mercado Libre is teaming up with Gol in Brazil to expand its middle-mile delivery capability. (www.freightwaves.com) 기타...


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