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Squawks 및 헤드라인 ✈ 일반 ✈ 인기있음 (24 hours)

Multiple Airlines Refuse To Transport Separated Immigrant Children; What Can DHS Do?

Multiple major airlines have put out statements refusing to transport immigrant children — who were separated from their families at the border following Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” on immigration which he amended by signing an executive order on Wednesday — across the country, a move that could become an issue for the government when it comes to getting thousands of kids to detention facilities in different states. ( 기타...

Emirates Testing A380 at Boston’s Logan International Airport

This Saturday will see Emirates test its largest aircraft, the Airbus A380-800, at Boston’s Logan International Airport, according to One Mile at a Time. Currently, the Gulf carrier serves Boston with its largest Boeing long-haul aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, with daily service to its hub in Dubai. Although still speculation, the flight may lead to Emirates bumping up its current service to its flagship aircraft. ( 기타...

Delta Orders 20 Additional Bombardier CRJ900s With New Interior Design in $961 Million Deal

Delta is flying into uncharted territory on a deal with Bombardier Inc. for 20 of its new CRJ900 jets, becoming the first major carrier to buy into the Montreal-based planemaker's new ATMOSPHÈRE cabin design. Delta expects delivery of the planes beginning in late 2018, with the last coming in 2020. Bombardier valued Delta's order at about $961 million based on the list price. ( 기타...

The A330neo begins "Route Proving"

Toulouse - The A330neo has embarked on a world tour to prove that it is ready to enter into service. Route Proving constitutes the final stage of the certification process of the aircraft. ( 기타...

No Root Cause Found in 2015 GE90 Failure in Las Vegas

GE Aviation was unable to identify the cause of a disk web crack that caused a GE90-powered British Airways 777-200 to fail during a takeoff roll on a Las Vegas airport runway nearly three years ago, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says. ( 기타...

Nippon Cargo Airlines Suspends Flights Due to Maintenance Discrepancies

Nippon Cargo Airlines, also known as NCA, has announced that it will be suspending all departures from Tokyo as of June 16 and will be suspending all operations from June 17. The decision comes after inconsistencies were found regarding the application of lubricating oil to one of their Boeing 747-8Fs in early April. ( 기타...

Norwegian to Launch Canadian Flights in October

Norwegian will enter the Canadian market later this year with flights to the French Caribbean, and in March 2019 will add a new daily service between Hamilton and Irish capital Dublin. ( 기타...

Probe opens into incident on A319 carrying Saudi team

Russian investigators are to probe an incident involving a Rossiya Airbus A319 which experienced an engine event while transporting the Saudi Arabian national football team to Rostov-on-Don. ( 기타...

Tokyo-Narita to Welcome Its 100th Airline in July

Tokyo-Narita International Airport (NRT) will make history on July 3, when its 100th active airline flies into the airport. The 100th client will be Fiji Airways, which from July 3 will launch direct flights from Nadi in Fiji. ( 기타...

Airlines to Trump: "We won’t help you separate migrant kids from parents"

American, United, and Frontier airlines have told the Trump administration they won’t fly immigrant children who have been separated from their parents at the border. ( 기타...

Viracopos is in 7th place among the best airports in the world

Report was conducted by the international company AirHelp based on data from the first quarter of this year... ( 기타...

Airbus Not Expecting Further MTOW Hike On A330neo

Airbus does not foresee a need for a further hike to the maximum take-off weight of the A330neo, following its decision to lift the threshold to 251t. ( 기타...

P&W Targets Mid-2019 to Complete Fixes to In-Service GTFs

Pratt & Whitney expects to have rectified issues with the knife edge seals on the in-service fleet of PW1100G geared turbofan engines by the middle of 2019. ( 기타...

Incident: Royal Maroc B787 at Montreal on Jun 11th 2018, damaged window

The Canadian TSB reported the aircraft was 21nm east of Montreal's Trudeau Airport when the crew declared PAN ( 기타...


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