FlightAware TV

Custom, real-time FlightAware HDTV maps. Perfect for operations centers, offices, hangars or FBOS.

Key Features

  • Enables quick and easy situational awareness of your fleet or airport.
  • Displays worldwide, live flight tracking and weather radar imagery on your HDTV.
  • Share the same FlightAware TV fleet or airport map in multiple locations at no additional charge!
  • Requires no custom hardware and no maintenance.
  • Set-up is a breeze.
  • Premium paid accounts receive access to additional base layers for your FlightAware TV map, including high-resolution satellite, terrain, and street map options.

FlightAware TV Airport

  • Shows aircraft arriving or departing your airport.
  • Your choice of general aviation flights, airline flights, or both.
  • An adjacent, dynamic arrival/departure board lists flights that are enroute or scheduled to arrive as well as scheduled departures.
FlightAware TV Airport with Board FlightAware TV Airport Full Screen

FlightAware TV Fleet

  • Displays your My FlightAware aircraft list
  • Shows a list of previous and upcoming flights for your aircraft.
FlightAware TV Fleet with Board FlightAware TV Fleet Full Screen

Each unique FlightAware TV map is $90 per month. Save 50% with a subscription to FBOToolbox or FlightAware Global

Requirements and Installation

Simply plug a modern (2011 or newer) laptop or computer into any 1080p HDTV and access your secure, custom FlightAware TV URL.

FlightAware TV is optimized for HDTVs and 4K displays, and works best with either Google Chrome or Firefox.


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