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— — - TWA Hotel at JFK
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TWA Hotel at JFK


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John moffitt
The Connie was a beautiful sight to see. I remember them at Heathrow some 60+ years ago.
Wayne Brown
Several old Connie’s set off to side of N/S runway Sen. Ted Stevens Airport, Anchorage Alaska . Like to look every time I was Landing or leaving. KANC. They may still be there .
ken kemper
Beautiful Photo and place Mike.....

Neat idea !!
Greg Zelna
Now THAT is flying........Great shot Mike.
Peter Sayers
Howard Hughes private Connie landed at Dorval, Montreal in the mid 50's. Stayed for two days under strict security. Anther pllace to se all the old birds was in Keflavik, again in the 50's earl 60's.
Great days. Thanks for the memories.
I remember seeing one of these flying for SwissAir at KPHL back in the '50s when I was about 9. I can remember being so impressed that this plane had flown all the way to Philadelphia from Switzerland! It was a beautiful sight back then, and still is today.
George Hall
The Connie was the biggest advancement in airline travel since the DC-3 during it's brief career in the 50's. I have a 1/100 scale diecast TWA model of this plane in my huge collection.
Sweet. Eastern used to run the shuttle with them late 60's. And Electra's.
Love it
Paul Hurford
When I was about 13 years old, I'd go to KMDW and watch the Connie's fly over Cicero Ave. as they landed on RNY 31L. You could stand right under them. What a magnificent sight they were, and still are.

I've heard that Howard Hughes wanted an airplane that could fit in the hangars of the time. Alas, the Triple Tail vertical stabilizers.
Robert Ibey
Peter Sayers - glad you reminded me of HH's visit - I really must get the slides from back then scanned... It's possible there were two such visits as he was interested in TCA/AC's Viscount ops and later during the first days of the DC-9 service.
I have a photo, taken through the chain link fence at Chicago's Midway (then known as Municipal) Airport in the 1950s of an Air France Super Connie that then had service between Paris and Chicago
Larry Horton
Used to see Air America Connies parked off the end of the runway at Robbins AFB in the 70s. I could look at them all day but they strongly discouraged you from getting too close.
I remember when I was a kid growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago. Our house was right in the glad path for MDW. This was way before 0RD became a civilian airport. I always used to get a kick out of watching the Connies fly over with all the flames coming out of the engines exhausts. I never had the opportunity to ride on one but I enjoyed immensely seeing the one that was on static display a few years back at AirVenture in Oshkosh. Considering the few that are left flying, it may have been the same plane. I remember it was.also TWA.
Reed Hume
When I was a youngster and these beauties (TWA and Eastern) landed at KSDF the stews would allow me to get on to straighten seat belts and reward me with Chicles gum. First trip on a Connie was Atlanta to Louisville First Class on Eastern and the steward offered me a choice of steak or lobster. Those were the days.
November 1958 transferring back to the States through Charlston AFB, went over on a typical C=54, was expecting the same for return one year later when to my excited surprise, I boarded a beautiful, gleaming Connie for an exceptional civilian type flight from Casablanca to Charlston.
OH, to fly those days again--- what wonderful memories !
Have an ex-RCAF friend who flew Canadian air/sea rescue Lancasters out of Canada's East coast in the late 50's. He said that when TWA (Howard Hughes) decided to match BOAC's turbo-prop Britannia's time across the Atlantic with their Super G Constellations, TWA would frequently end up 'blowing' a turbo-compound engine while running them essentially 'wide open'. Then the Lancasters would be sent out to trail the 3-engined Connie home!
Nomads flying club at DTW had one of these in the 70's. Great airplane!
To Wayne's comment, I used to fly in/out of SJU a lot, and loved seeing the DC-3's parked off the apron area. Some were parted out, but seeing them during a long layover or wait for an incoming plane had me fantasizing about what it could have been like 'back in the day', flying around the Caribbean, delivering mail, food, supplies. The 'rustic' way of flying, and the passengers that dressed up to fly commercial. *sigh* Days long past...
Gary Draper
Sorry Wayne but per Google satellite view, they're gone from Ted Stevens.


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